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  • Typesetters [OPEN]

    For this position you need advanced knowledge of photoshop. Knowledge of fonts is appreciated, though optional.

    You can download the typesetting test below:
    Click image for larger versionName:	Download_button_S_blue_light.jpgViews:	9Size:	3.8 KBID:	601035

    Send your application to joinegs[at] and you'll hear from us as soon as possible! (within 3-7 days)

    Please have this as the Subject of your application email:
    [APPLICATION] -Typesetter- your nick

    And include the following info that we would like to know about you in your application:

    Manga interests?
    What kind of projects you generally like to work with and if there is anything you don't like doing. (Seinen /shounen /shoujo?)

    A specific manga interest?
    Are there any specific EGS projects that you would like to work on? If yes, please tell us which one(s).

    Are you reliable?
    Can we count on you to deliver the project that will be assigned to you or is it in your character to disappear while it's half done?

    The nickname you would like your work to be credited to.

    Are you in any other group(s)? If yes, which one(s)?
    If you have previous experience in manga typesetting, you MIGHT be able to skip the test if you show us samples of your previous works.

    Why would you like to join Easy Going Scans?
    Tell us a bit about yourself, where you're from, why you chose our group to apply for this position, and how you came across our group
    This makes it easier for us to know exactly what you're interested in doing for us, and will make it faster for YOU to receive a reply!

    Important 1: The downloaded files are .rar archives, so you will need a program to open such files, e.g. as winrar or 7-zip for windows, or unrarx for mac.

    Important 2: All the files that you will send us must be in a .rar or .zip format. Upload the files to or (only one of those 2, and send us a link with email)


    We would like to let everyone interested know that we are a nice and warm group with all sorts of “Easy Going” people.

    We are looking for more staff atm, but we are only looking for reliable and trustworthy individualswho might be willing to work with us in the long term.

    So if you can see yourself in this description, we would love to have you as long as you pass our test and the trial period.

    Note that Easy Going scans is a NON profitable group so all the staff are doing volunteer (i.e. unpaid) work. We do it by the fans for the fans!

    To become a full member at EGS you must pass a trial period of 3-5 chapters. These chapters will be from our actual series, your choice as to which. They will be released and you will be credited for them.

    EGS full members have complete access to our FTP and can read ahead every project they want.

    Also, we would like anyone who apply to us to check their mail at least ONCE PER DAY or frequent our IRC regularly, so it would be highly appreciated if an applicant who is unfamiliar with IRC is willing to learn how to use it.

    We'll give a reply to anyone who e-mails us whether he/she passes the test or not.

    Thank you all.
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    I sent an application the other day and I just realized I sent it in .jpeg instead of .psd which is probably what you prefer. Should I resend it to you in .psd? I don't want to spam up your inbox which is why I'm asking beforehand. It's better to be safe then sorry as my mother always says. So yeah. I await your replay with much antici.....pation. Yes. Okay. Bye Bye


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      Yes... we want the applications in .psd ~

      For every cleaner typeseter and QCer

      Nevertheless ~ you have received a reply pogo



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        Hi i have a quick question is it possible to use opensource/shareware programs such as GIMP2 or must i use PS?


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          Originally posted by Exar Kun View Post
          Hi i have a quick question is it possible to use opensource/shareware programs such as GIMP2 or must i use PS?
          Only photoshop sorry.


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            The file is packed in *.rar, most compression software supports this format
            Within the package is three *.psd file and one *.doc
            *.psd are photoshop files, and *.doc speaks for itself.

            I just tested the link, everything is working.


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              To open the .Rar, you need to have a programm called WinRar, or you can use 7zip.
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                Check here if all the open positions.

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                  We've got over 20 projects that are without a typesetter.

                  If you've got time, please apply to help us out. No experience needed. Just take the test and send us an application. We're willing to train.


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                    Closing typesetter position temporarily.

                    Lack of Proofers is causing a typesetter work shortage.


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                      OpenTS positions

                      Reopening TS position.

                      Looking for 1-2 TS'rs.

                      OPEN TS's:
                      • 0.0 Mhz
                      • Brave 10 S
                      • Gunka no Baltzar
                      • Shinigami x Doctor
                      • Sidooh
                      • Stravaganza - Isai no Hime
                      • Witch Hunt
                      • * and some new projects


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                        Looking for a TS'r for the following projects:
                        • 0-Noushiya Minato
                        • Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku
                        • Choujin Gakuen
                        • Gunjou Senki
                        • Lost in London
                        • Shinigami x Doctor
                        • Yamikin Ushijima-kun - Ushijima the Loan Shark
                        • Yongbi the Invincible


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                          Temporarily closing this position now until the latest trials are complete.


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                            Reopening TS position for the following projects.

                            • Bakuon Rettou
                            • Choujin Gakuen
                            • Gunjou Senki
                            • Jin
                            • Red String
                            • Sidooh
                            • Wakeup Deadman
                            • Westwood
                            • Yamikin Ushijima-kun - Ushijima the Loan Shark
                            • Yongbi the Invincible
                            • and a couple of new series....


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                              Reopening the TS position.

                              Projects in need of a TS'r:
                              • Aruosumente
                              • Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku
                              • Brave10s
                              • Chaos Attack
                              • Choujin
                              • Fukushuu Kyoushitsu - Revenge Classroom
                              • Gunka
                              • Jin
                              • He is a High School Girl
                              • Renai Kaiden
                              • Kyou Kara Hitman
                              • Yongbi the Invincible
                              • *NEW* projects