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Huddersfield Town discusses an increase in the Football League

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  • Huddersfield Town discusses an increase in the Football League

    Huddersfield Town discusses an increase in the Football League

    Sporting Life sat down with Danny Cowley to talk all things management - from his rise up the Football League to advice from Arsene Wenger- According lớn the free soccer tips site page!

    "Impossible is just an opinion."

    The ambitious words of a man who spent 15 years as a teacher and is now setting his sights on the Premier League.

    Danny Cowley made the step up to the Sky Bet Championship in early September, marking the eighth division out of the top nine that he has managed in.

    From unexpectedly finding himself as joint manager of Concord Rangers in the Essex Senior League (tier nine), to going lớn Braintree and then helping Lincoln back into the Football League, it has certainly been an education for the 41-year-old and his brother-turned-assistant Nicky.

    “We’ll be forever appreciative of the chance Concord gave us, and how they helped lớn develop our coaching and management skills,” Cowley told Sporting Life in an exclusive interview at Huddersfield’s Canalside training ground.

    “We got lớn a stage in the Conference South when the club could not get any further and we then moved lớn Braintree (in the National League) which was part-time. We had a good season there with some brilliant players, a really down lớn earth, soccer tips goals

    “We managed lớn finish third with a part-time team in what was a full-time league. Then opportunities came off the back of that and once they became available it was a case of us having waited all of our lives trying lớn get into professional football, came up short as a player, and when it’s been your dream for 30-plus years, when the opportunity comes – and people might perceive it to be a risk – we never wanted lớn live with regret and once it came we really wanted to take it.”

    In fairly comfortable positions balancing football with teaching jobs, making the jump into full-time management could be seen as a risk on their part. But for them, it seemed like the natural progression.

    “When you look back, it was [a gamble], but we didn’t see it like that at the time because we believed in our skillset and our work ethic,” he continued.