Welcome :)

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  1. xSx_Demonic_xSx
    Welcome to the Group :)

    Please introduce yourself here > . <
    And tell what kind of sweets do you like ^ . ^

    Feel free to chat and spam all you want ( ^ v ^ )

    And um, I apologize because I was not active before.
  2. mangafan
    No worries xSx_Demonic_xSx!

    I'm mangafan, art and music lover with a taste for technology
    I generally like all kinds of sweets, but I reallly don't like when people try to blend 2 kinds of ingredients that are very distinctive from 2 different cultures & put them together. Like lychee and white chocolate. I tend to not enjoy those I should be more open minded, but I'm not & I really dislike the flavors together
  3. xSx_Demonic_xSx
    Hello mangafan...

    Lychee and white chocolate? Hmmm...
    I wanna try that...
  4. mangafan
    You do??? I have several in my pantry...can I somehow mail them to you?
    they're really something I can't handle
  5. xSx_Demonic_xSx
    I take food from strangers, so I'll gladly accept them...
    Tehee ^ . ^
  6. mangafan
    O.o taking food from strangers....not a good idea dear
    These just taste bad--what if someone drugged it?
    Trust no one >_> <_<

    paranoid attack

    what's your favorite sweet?
  7. xSx_Demonic_xSx
    I love every sweets there is ^ . ^
    I only don't like dark chocolate though, and watermelon flavored candies

    I'll try to keep that advice in mind
  8. mangafan
    Haha good ^^

    :O I love both of those! I dislike white chocolate most of the time...but there are these sour watermelon gummies...omg they're great. My mouth is watering just thinking about them..... I love dark choco too
  9. Damon
    I don't like it when the dark chocolates are over 80% because I feel like throwing up after eating it...
    but other wise dark choco is fine. I love watermelon tastes though. The gums are awesome
  10. Neuro
    yo im neuro, new to this site >_>

    fav sweet are skittles... all type of skittles and when ever some one ask me for some well...
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