List of delinquent manga

  1. noodle
    This is a list of delinquent manga I've read and enjoyed (mostly comedy).
    Feel free to add recommendations to the list! (Please try to include a short description.)

    Angel Densetsu
    - Nice guy accidentally "becomes" a delinquent.

    - Delinquents and demons and nonsense.

    Kyou Kara Ore Wa
    - Two guys start on the path of being delinquents.

    Oresama Teacher
    - Delinquent girl tries to start fresh as an ordinary high school girl.

    Transfer Student Storm Bringer
    - Weak guy accidentally becomes a delinquent.

    Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
    - Ex-delinquent tries to make a delinquent a good student.
    (Also details the Japanese high school system pretty well (at least it seems accurate) if you're interested in the Japanese high school system.) [WARNING: Most people didn't like the ending (including myself), so *start spoiler* once a certain person disappears, you might want to stop reading *end spoiler*]
  2. Rayne
    Sun-ken rock
    - follows ken kitano a japanese guy who moves to korea to marry the love of his life, yumin a police officer. ken soon becomes a gang leader but has to keep it a secret from yumin to protect his false image as a game designer.

    -greenblood follows two brothers as they fight for survival in five points, New york 1800's.

    - "Alligator" a crazy weapon brandished by an equally crazy main character. Best summised into the phrase " My god yes" followed by an air guitar solo.
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