Things that the younger generation will miss out on....

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  1. Stargaze3
    I dont know what to name it but I though here we can list or remember things that the younger generation will miss out of or never even hear about. Like: cassette tapes Nintendo the old games like duck hunt, Mario ! Books! I think that things like the ipad and the kindle will make paper books obsolete. :(That reminds me no internet! You had to actually go to the library to learn or look things up.I was in middle school when IM was becoming popular.What else ???
  2. girisama
    vinyl disks?
    box crt tv sets?
    pcs? after all now we are in post pc era[ipads ...]
    ..memory sucks.
  3. salam
    The SEGA videogame (Cassette type)
    The Famicom (I was a Captain Tsubasa maniac back then (U=_=) )
    And BTW Floppy disks are almost extinct as well (The bigger ones already did, though)

    I'll think of other stuff later. I'm busy on M-21's clip.
  4. Destiny
    sorry i can't seem to edit the title...

    cassette tapes!!!! oh my.... *^* it's been sooooo long...
    walkman.. >_>
  5. SevenSeven
    Oh dear, I'm so old!

    I remember:
    8 track tapes
    black and white TV
    heating food on the stove because there were no microwaves
    computers were the size of houses and only the government had them
  6. Vdaz
    the Minitel
    my old black and white Game boy
    Do people still use ZIP disks ?
    Film cameras
    corded phones
  7. Destiny
    typewriter i can't forget how many times i've played with those ribbons *^*
    jumpers..... =___=
    omg! nokia 5110
    tape recorder! @___@
  8. SevenSeven
    Live news footage of the Apolo program.
    USSR and the "cold war" with the USA
    Captain Kangaroo
    Mork from Ork
  9. Vdaz
    color tv without remote...
    2 kilograms old Mac floppy drive for 5"1/4 disks...
  10. SevenSeven
    Rotary telephones
    Pepsi in a glass bottle
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