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  1. Kusunoki
    It is the will of the Benevolent God of Light for you to join our ranks. Praise to Him!
    You can introduce yourselves to your fellow devoted followers here.
  2. Erios
    On this clear day the magnificent God of Light has shown me the path to this holy place. It is the will of the God of Light for me to spread joy and happiness to the civilians nobles and all alike. May we all pray to the dear and beautiful God of Light so that he can continue to guide us forward.

    Aka, I joined this group because i'm a fan of the LN and the manga of the legend of Sun and Kusunoki-chan has shown me the way to this temple I know a bit here and there from the LN so packed with information lol. It is poor that i do not know anything about Taiwanese nor do i have any computer skills but i know the Magnificent God of Light will deliver a chapter sooner or later.

  3. Queen of Spades
    Queen of Spades
    The God of Light did not guide me here
    I came for my beloved, Judgement Knight!!
    I'm happy to be part of the group
  4. Lyunee
    The God of Light guided my wife and gave her the holy words of benediction that leaded my hesitant steps to this magnificent church and its illuminated beings. May the light of the God of Light always show you the way of Mercy and lead your path to redemption.

    AKA : my wife Alexfilia poked me until I joined :p but I am still happy to be there (but you won't see me in any spoiler section, just so you're aware)
  5. mzpasaway13
    Hello guys, i'm new on this forum~
    Please take care of me.

    Oh my God of Light~ Judgment Knight is sooooooo cool.
  6. daicey
    As I was looking for truth and justice, my feet brought me here in the God of Light's mercy I was awaken and reform.
  7. Chibi-Cassy
    Didn't know we had a Legend of the Sun Knight forum here!
    I'm glad that egscan took this project. Even though I prefere the light novels... or rather the translations. Chinese is a bit too difficult to learn when I still struggle with French ;)
    And I have to agree with most of you: Judgement is the best. And... two characters not yet appeared in the manga so I keep my mouth shut.
  8. Seira
    In his boundless benevolence the god of light has guided my steps to his holy church while I was a lost sheep
    hello everyone glad to join this holy part of the forum, please take good care of me
  9. Runenu
    The most revered God Of Light has illuminated the darkness which lingered in the depths of my heart, and so here I hope to meet other souls drawn in by the God Of Light's compassion.

    AKA...I joined recently, got lost on the website, and was looking for people because its kind of lonley without any friends here....
  10. doremifajo
    My fellow brothers and sisters, this lowly devoted follower heard the gentle whisperings of the benevolent God of Light which has guided this lowly follower to this holy assemblage of wondrous followers. May the kind and gentle God of Light have mercy on us and grant us happiness and joy as well as illuminating the darkest of all our hearts and guide us as we seek to spread the God of Light’s teachings of justice and forgiveness to the people, as well as sharing one another’s love for her.

    AKA: just found out odd squad dropped lsk and eg picked it up which i’m totally grateful for which led me here so, haha just joined and would also like to make friends ><
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