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  1. Noobunaga
    Have you heard of or seen anything Tolkien inspired? A band or an artist or anything else? Well do please share :D It can funny, interesting, epic, or whatever in between~

    This thread is separate from the Art Corner one, since we talk about things we ourselves didn't make~
    Plus, the more threads, the 'bigger' a group looks >:3
  2. Noobunaga
    I have been a metalhead for quite some time, and one Austrian black metal band has inspired lots of their songs from the tales in Tolkien's works. The band is called Summoning and has sung about all the gritty and dark things lurking in Arda~ Here's some songs from them: 'Bauglir' , 'Ashen Cold'. Even though the band is considered a black metal one, you do not have to worry for extreme vocals. It's not their thing :3

    Another one that made me laugh for hours is The Dread Crew of Oddwood's interpretation of a youtube parody called They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard. The song in questions is this one~
  3. Aurora
    Well, these songs are in the film, but they're by Enya, one of my favourite singers/musicians and thought I should share them (as one is during the credits so it's not heard much).

    So relaxing~

    And I need to listen to yours as well, Nooby :3
  4. Noobunaga
    Enya has some of my favorite songs *^* She's just awesome :D The things I linked to don't even compare :P

    Found this awesome interpretation of Glorfindel of Gondolin ~
  5. Aurora
    Oh, wow!

    That's awesome.
  6. Noobunaga
    There are no good interpretations of Ecthelion fighting Gothmog oAo
  7. Noobunaga
  8. Aurora
    I've never heard of that song before XD

    Imma download it and play it whenever I go on walks :3

    But I really want to go to New Zealand to see Hobbiton~

    And they have an airport with lotr tributes~
  9. Noobunaga
    Didn't they raise down most of Hobbiton? o:
  10. Cursa
    By the way, this is the safety vid...
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