What is Your Pet Cat's Name?

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  1. SevenSeven
    My daughter named my cat, Haku, because she says he is a ninja cat.
  2. its jjst a picture
    its jjst a picture
    Thts funny, but my cat is named after the drink whiskey
  3. Seira
    The funny thing is even if I haven't got a cat yet I still love cats.
    If I were to adopt one I'd like a black cat and just call him Neko (sorry its the first name that came to my head but i find it cute for any cat <3)
  4. Vdaz
    I resisted a few minutes and still ended up joining...
    My first cat was a male Birman called Saphir (French for Sapphire) and the one I have now is a Siamese with a kinked tail, called Guimauve (Marshmallow) by my kids.
  5. FreakY
    i had cats :3 never gave them any name :3 i just meowed and they will come :3
  6. its jjst a picture
    its jjst a picture
    Freaky does it like a boss
  7. DaniFiasco
    My cats name is Nico but i dont know why my mom and dad like to call him Miko...
  8. FreakY
    miko sounds cute <3
  9. reignkaera
    britney, aeris and andi
  10. Lyon
    We got our cat form our neighbor, an old lady. She had named him Gorbi after Gorbachev. Because when Gorbi was a kitten he had one darker patch of fur on his forehead, other then that he was white.
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