The Sorting Hat

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  1. Kusunoki
    "There's nothing hidden in your head
    The Sorting Hat can't see,
    So try me on and I will tell you
    Where you ought to be."

    The quiz is the official one on Pottermore written by J.K. Rowling so it's quite credible. Now that you've done the quiz, please answer the following questions:

    1) What House did you sort yourself in to before you took the quiz?
    2) What House did the Pottermore Sorting Hat put you in?
    3) Is this what you were expecting? Why?
    4) Go to your common room and read the welcome letter (yeah those are written by Rowling too). Did you learn anything new about your House that you weren't aware of before? If so, what?
    5) Do you like your Pottermore House? Why?

    Here are my answers:

    1) I've always considered myself a Ravenclaw.
    2) It put me into Slytherin.
    3) No, because like most people, I've always thought Slytherins were bad people. Also, I thought being the bookworm and weirdo that I am, I sounded pretty Ravenclaw.
    4) Yeah. Slytherins are very misunderstood. We're just ambitious, and ambition is a neutral thing. And wow I didn't know Merlin was a Slytherin.
    5) Yes. Being a Slytherin is actually really cool. Also, people say that Slytherin and Ravenclaw are both intellectual Houses, but the difference is that Ravenclaws enjoy learning for the sake of learning, while Slytherins see knowledge as a tool, and I agree. So now I truly believe I belong in Slytherin ^^
  2. Hiddlestoners
    1) A Slytherin through and through!
    2) Slytherin
    3) Yes, because I can see myself being dark yet calm and moody?
    4) Yes. I also thought that all, if not except one of two, Slytherins ended up as dark wizards/witches, but they don't!
    5) Hell yeah. I mean, Draco Malfoy nom.
  3. FreakY
    1) hufffflepuffff
    2) ravenclaw
    3) well, i like to fool around, definitely not a smart raven, i think
    4) hmm, nothing really new
    5) fufufu, being smart (or pretend to be) is nice too, people used to ask me for help about subjects in high school even though i knew nothing
  4. Lyon
    1) Ravenclaw or Slytherin couldn't decide, like both of them.
    2) Ravenclaw.
    3) Yes, because I was in a good mood and didn't choose the answers what would have put me in Slytherin.
    4) Maybe.... can't remember... too lazy to reread it...
    5) Yes. Great view from common room window.
  5. Aurora
    1) Ravenclaw~
    2) Ravenclaw XD
    3) Well, I didn't actually know what it would sort me into~
    4) Nothing I never knew before
    5) Yes, because it signifies learning, and searching for knowledge~
  6. alexfilia
    1) I didnt :P
    2) Ravenclaw
    3) I have given it much thought :P
    4) Nope :D
    5) Yes, I like every house in the school <3
  7. Dawn_


    1) Slytherin
    2) Gryffondor...
    3) Not at all..i wanna be a Slyth TT
    4) Didn't read yet.
    5) Nah, i wanted to be with Ku-chan TT
  8. Raichi
    1) Hufflepuff
    2) Hufflepuff
    3) No xD usually tests put me in ravenclaw or griffindor, so I was happily surprised!
    4) I learnt the entrance code, that's a very smart and awesome system I must say, I'm impressed! The inside of the common room, it's just awesome, better than I could ever expect, and they even have something for cold feet! I'm in love ♥
    5) Of course! I just like it better than the others. Loyalty all the way! :)
  9. mangafan
    1. I thought I was a Ravenclaw, because...that's really quite like me.
    2. Turns out I was right
    3. Yup!
    5. Sure :) I'm pretty content everywhere, to be honest
  10. AutumnSky
    1. Slytherin
    2. Hufflepuff
    3. Kinda, because I'm ambitious enough to be a Slytherin, but eh. Hufflepuffing is what I do, I guess.
    4. Pet cactus named Bob. Like what? That is the best thing ever. Also, badgers are awesome.
    5. Yes. PET CACTUS. what else could possibly matter?
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