What dance do you dance

  1. Gwynn
    Tell us what kind of dances you like and so on.
    If you dance what dance do you dance and where do you like to dance.

    Idk, talk about dance I guess...
  2. Aiolia
    I'm popper but My Crew leader want me to learn locking :P
  3. Gwynn
    Okay thats cool

    I'm only a shuffler but i can do some jumpstyle to ^__^
  4. Aiolia
    I use to shuffle a lot in the house while traveling around my house and when I shower
  5. mangafan
    Wow...I'm pretty new to these kinds of dancing (hiphop? that's what my mother calls it when she doesn't like what dance I'm practicing, but yaknow) but I trained in ballet for 10 years (was encouraged to give it up because I was considered too tall for it) and I did brief stints into jazz, tap, and contemporary lessons.
  6. saiichi
    ^wow mangafan, that's so cool
    I only do free style dance
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