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Thread: Vote for the 4# EGS Colouring Winner!

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    Vote for the 4# EGS Colouring Winner!

    Hello, everyone :)
    I know that I was slacking off with this poll, mostly because I expected someone else to join, but 2 weeks are enough, I suppose. I am not sure the contests on EGS will continue, so let's have a nice voting for this one.

    Our contestants:

    The voting will last 10 days.
    Good luck everyone!
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    good luck guys <3
    your crazy cleaner~
    the project finisher!

    Goals for this year-
    1)Finish AnK. 28/34
    2)Finish Amatsuki 122/154
    3)Finish Embalming 36/58

    Help make it come true! ^^

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    They look great you guys! Good luck to the participants!

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    Now, for the very first time (in DVD and VHS... no, kidding) in England!
    I was last, but at least I put up a fight (pun intended) I really like this coloring thing, it's refreshing and takes lot less time to do than from scratch
    winding down

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