Below are my thoughts on the first episode... I may address someone named "Mikey"... don't mind it. I was writing my thoughts down as I watched and listened to someone else's reaction to it :p


So below here is my unedited reaction/explanation to questions asked by mikey through out the video... the mass amount of skipped content is shocking... I won't link the video... but I can try to explain any parts that don't make sense... I feel like this is what might happen if Mushoku Tensei got an anime.
I'm pretty hyped to see how this goes down... compared to the manga/novel... I guess I'll find out first hand with mikey :D (Don't mind me if I start pointing out random stuff;;;)

* +1 for using actual code... I like it so far
* Speedy speedy speed boy!! Well at least it wasn't a truck but a normal car :p
* They were called "Pilots" or something of the sort in the fan translation. Not a huge fan of "Knight runners" but "Knight pilots"
* I don't recall this actually happening... so this is new to me
* Not just any mech... mechs powered by magic cores
* Okay they got that term right...
* Yeah they're kid of skipping around a little but it should be fine.
* Yeah they kind of skipped the whole training when they were kids... which kind of explains a lot that was left out...
* It may seem weird.. but they kind of cut out some more important parts...
* Yeah... he does. As a programmer in his past life as a programmer and in this life using magic as code... he can do what ever... Wow they are really skipping around... are they going to skip a lot of plot or.... maybe come back later... or am I just forgetting the order of events...
* Well There was certainly a time skip or two... maybe I'm just remember wrong. Whait what... they are already going to the training... HOLY SHIT ARE THEY GOING TO COVER MOST OF THE RELEASE MANGA ALREADY?! OH SHIT SON
* So are they going to explain anything...
* Well mikey... they really don't like each other... so they don't really mention them.
* Yep... it's "Ernesti Echevalier" or "Eru" for short
* It's suppose to not be dangerious... but because of __ a lot of monsters are heading their way
* Okay... once again they don't explain it again. But since the people fighting are in middle school then they were sent on a mission to fight low level monsters... due to the monster rush, high class monsters are attacking them. They really skipped a lot... I'd highly suggest reading the manga or novel if you enjoyed this.

Yeah... I'm sorry mikey... I might watch a few more episodes with ya... but I'mma most likely drop it :/

It was so much better... and they made it like.. this Orz

So they just loosely(very lose) skimmed over chapters 1 to 9... now we'll have a few episodes on a fight maybe :p

If you stay anime only... it should be fine :p You don't seem to bothered by the lack of info about the world and why he does / knows what he's doing... or what happen during the time skip...(for the most part... I know you questions some things) maybe they'll go back in time... That'd be cool.