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Thread: [Request] Infectee 감염자

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    [Request] Infectee 감염자

    Infectee (감염자)
    Lee Kang

    MU description:
    A infected person becomes a monster by eating people.
    This is a pretty interesting manhwa, the story is like a cross between Parasyte and Tokyo Ghoul. I suggest you guy/girls to scanlate this manhwa, it was previously scanlated by Weblations but that was a year ago.

    The series were only scanlated for the first 7 chapters. Bamtoki seems to have the full series and updating.

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    It is a Naver webtoon, which makes this a NO ;-;

    Though it does sound like a good read.... =(
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    I know it's two years later but I have a link that has all the chapters from Infectee (감염자) and it's not from the Naver website. Here's the link below.감염자

    I hope you or someone that can translate this. This is a fantastic webtoon and unfortunately, the first post that it stopped scanning at first 7 chapters.

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    Apologies, but it does not matter if the link is from another source. The Manhwa is still licensed by Naver, thus our answer remains no.

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    Understood. Thank you for your reply.

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