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Thread: Easy Going Scans on Discord!

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    It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

    Easy Going Scans on Discord!

    We've finally gotten with the times and set up our very own Discord server. You can find us here:

    Feel free to drop in and say hello and talk about your favorite EG series! But as always, don't ask us when the next chapter of your favorite is coming. We're doing our best, and the quality you expect from us takes time. We're all volunteers here, we do it because we love manga and want to bring it to you, our readers!
    If you see this person, please tell him to stop fooling around and to get back to work.
    Thank you, The Management

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    Joining the Discord channel is the fastest and easiest way to contact us!
    You can ask your questions there!
    (No, We don't know when what who will be released so don't ask that T_T)

    Come and meet with the active staff that work on your favorite projects~!
    your crazy cleaner~
    the project finisher!

    Goals for this year-
    1)Finish AnK. 28/34
    2)Finish Amatsuki 122/154
    3)Finish Embalming 36/58

    Help make it come true! ^^

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    Someone should pin this.


    [Perm Projects]
    --> Amatsuki
    --> Haken no Kouki Altina
    --> Kyou Kara Hitman

    [Temp Projects]

    --> Anything and Everything

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    /me pins
    wait, what?

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    Somebody should stick this.
    I am read jiang ye here free. This is best manga.

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