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Thread: Translate - Gunjou Senki

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    Translate - Gunjou Senki

    I am AmeDeDragon, founder of the French team "Utopya Scantrad". We translate shojo, seinen, shonen and josei.

    Here is our recent website:

    We are interested in your project "Gunjou Senki" and we would like to translate it into French, from your English translation. Your authorization is important to us, we submit this request.

    Your team will be credited for the English translation.
    We remain at your disposal in case of questions.

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    Hello there,

    you have our permission.
    Congratulations on the launch of your website, by the way. I'm glad you've chosen us for one of your first projects.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Hello !
    Thank you very much for your permission, it makes us hugely happy.
    We are eager to translate this project and happy to go through you. I wish you a great day and see you soon !

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