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Thread: [Request] [ Manga] Nyotai-ka Yankee Gakuen☆: Ore no Hajimete, Nerawaretemasu.

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    [Request] [ Manga] Nyotai-ka Yankee Gakuen☆: Ore no Hajimete, Nerawaretemasu.

    I'v been going around trying to find anyone to translate this title from Japanese to English.

    Story it's self isn't for little kids and is NSFW. If you are not interested the feel free to skip past this. Continue at your own risk .

    While yes there is porn type material in this. I find the story to be very interesting and funny. I think it's a hidden gem and if it wasn't for the sexual content then i think it may be better known. Currently there are 18 chapters that i know of and only 7 translated into English.

    The Plot itself is basic but it's the people in it that are funny. I also find the girl character model to be one of my favorite female designs.

    Story basically involves some delinquent drinking some type of soda at a vending machine before his rematch with the one guy that's been able to beat him. The Soda he drunk turned him into a women ( Very appealing one at that ) Guy ( Now chick ) Goes to the fight anyway's and is obviously not believed when he said's he is actually a guy. The man he was meant to fight then goes throughout the story trying to make the Guy ( Now a girl ) Fall in love with him sense he does not know that the girl is a former boy.

    If i remember there is a sex scene every 1 or two chapters and i'd honestly say that they are the worst part of the story because i really like the couple in this. Now don't get me wrong. The Male MC in this is not a nice guy at all. He is very rude and forceful at times but he kind of has that personality where if he actually likes someone then he isn't that bad of a guy.

    I would have never continued to read past the 1st chapter if it didn't get me hooked on the characters right off the bat. I actually started reading the 1st chapter not even know it was a hentai story. It took me forever to find it but i'm glad i did cause i still think that this is a fun story to read.

    This is the only site i can find where the Raw's all are together. I picked it so people don't have to go jumping everywhere trying to find them [Link removed]

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