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Thread: [REQUEST] Rengoku ni Warau [No]

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    [REQUEST] Rengoku ni Warau [No]

    I see that you've already been translating DNW Gaiden and was wondering if RNW could be picked up as well... it's the prequel to Donten ni Warau.

    I have a link of Chinese scans up to chapter 36 here:

    There are 47 chapters in total and they release the 2nd newest one online every month here:

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    The small search I did showed that this was requested at least twice already.
    No need to make new threads for projects that has already been requested..... =T

    From my experience with both Donten and Donten Gaiden (I was the QCer for both), the chances to find a TLer to do it and a team that will see it till the end, is close to zero as it can be.

    Also, I think I had enough with this story already ~.~
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