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Thread: [Request] Yondaime no Hanamuko

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    [Request] Yondaime no Hanamuko

    In Yondaime no Hanamuko, men of Japan can get pregnant thanks to technology and science! Third-year high school girl Touko Yatsurugi is part of the Yatsurugi group, who are lacking a leader, and thatís why she is looking for a husband to give birth to a child.

    Baka updates link:

    Raws link:

    I know you guys don't do shoujo stuff and the story sounds pretty weird. It's not scanlated in English at all also. But I thought it was still worth a shot to post it here~

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    I also think this is a good idea, and would be willing to try PRing it once I leave my trial stage!

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    My fanfiction-beating heart just doesn't want to do an Mpreg anything, call it bad past experiences XD

    Since brooke is not really an active PR anymore, that means you'd need to recruit a new PR to do this one.

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    Could it be o.o? Ma-chan found my weakness.... O.O\\
    But, it doesn't seem like someone will tell the girl yes and go do it XD
    Maybe I will check the raws XD
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