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Thread: [REQUEST] Into the Bones of Warm Marriage

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    [REQUEST] Into the Bones of Warm Marriage

    hi, I would like to request this manhua webtoon I've found on youtube
    They translate the title of this manhua 'Into the Bones of Warm Marriage'
    So I'm browsing for the real title ->> 入骨暖婚

    girl named Xue luo was married into Feng's family
    She is being abused in her uncle's family since she is an orphan
    Also, her uncle forced her into the marriage eventhough he had 2 unmarriage daughter
    Her uncle reluctant to get his own daughter marriage because of the groom (1st young master) was disable
    The groom has a burnt all over his body.

    There is a little intrict,
    No one knows that the real partner was the 2nd young master.
    So the 2nd young master, Feng Xin Lang pretended to be 2 different people.
    Also, even the bride didn't know it. Because the name of the groom still the first young master, Feng Li Xin.
    The marriage was a request of Li Xin, because the burnt of his body were so severe and it seems he wouldn't make it to be alive for a long timee. So, he wanted his brother to secure a bride whom will take care his little brother.
    The other who knows it were the butler and the old maid of Feng's family.
    So I think its about how Xin Lang and Xue Luo fall in love also how Xue Luo realize she is married to Xin Lang and not Li Xin.

    Hope EGSCANS would adopt this webtoon.
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    Needs more info, like... links to the actual webtoon etc.

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    I found it. It looks like another group is already doing an English version of this, just making videos of manga pages instead of static print.

    We generally don't take on series that other groups are actively working on.
    If you see this person, please tell him to stop fooling around and to get back to work.
    Thank you, The Management

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    Aaaa... I see
    btw, thanks for your consideration answer ^^

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