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Thread: Text size & Manga/Manwha Page size issues

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    Text size & Manga/Manwha Page size issues

    For starters the text, I'm using a projector to view the web and your's like most sites comes out tiny, fine so I use xstyle to go around that only to find OMFG you have HORRENDOUS css when it comes to font sizes, you've use fixed sizing everywhere instead of something simple like:
    html, body { font-size: medium }
    .classWhatever { font-size: 1.2rem }
    Fore a site to be readable on any screen NEVER use fixed sizing especially on fonts.

    Next issue, the picture sizes, you need to limit the width to the containers width, I fixed it in xstyle with this:
    .picture { width: 100% }
    .picture { max-width: 100% }
    would also work, I went with top one out of preference. The reason you need to limit it is because your OWN image added at bottom of webtoon layout causes a horrid horizontal scrollbar to appear with half the actual pages hidden beyond the vertical scrollbar, it is NOT good to have to scroll sideways before one can start reading.

    Edit Forgot to edit the copy-paste to max-width
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    Soooooo, in case you didn't realize this site was made a decade ago. Which is why most of the css is shit. Same with HTML xD. There is a new version in the works but yea for now this is it.


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