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Thread: How do you choose your mangas?

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    If the story is good, I read it. But it has to be good art and the story has to be interesting, or I won't keep reading it. I usually try it out first.

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    hm. i don't have a choosing method, really. how i happen to feel like at that moment ^^ i don't dodge bad mangas after i start reading them though, i want to know what makes mangas good or bad in general, not only in my own opinion. for that, i need to read both series that are considered great and series that are considered below par
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    The story is always important, but I cant decide if the story is good without reading it... That is why I dont choose a Manga/Manhwa by its summary.

    I just look at it and I know if I like it or not

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    I voted story, but it's probably something like... 60% story/writing, 40% art/general atmosphere. The genre itself doesn't matter, but well-written characters matter hugely.

    I've found myself dropping series with incredibly gorgeous art, just because the story really bored me. This actually makes me sad because the artworks were quite stellar in some cases, I can barely believe how they can be that beautiful but so boring (Oh! Great's works make me feel this way). On the other hand, I've stuck through with stories with great writing but abysmal art (Record of Fallen Vampire for example).

    Of course, when both the story/writing And the art are great, then that's just perfect (examples include Gunka no Balzer, Song of the Long March and Otoyomegatari).

    As for how I choose them, sometimes I click on a series name on some random site out of curiosity, but nowadays I'm usually checking out recommendations in Mangaupdate's "Looking for" section or looking at top-rated series along with corresponding reviews. That's where I found Gunka no Balzer and Song of the Long March. I've also had a few awesome recommendations in other forums, like for Jin. Sometimes I get curious and check tags for themes I find interesting on Mangaupdates (found a series about bacteria and one about maths this way :P ).

    Some stories start boring but build up into an incredible story later on. For this reason, I also check out what others think about a series. If reviews or others around me really have a stellar opinion of a series, I'm willing to wallow through 50+ relatively boring chapters to get to the better parts. This has paid off, as some of my now-favorite series had initially not-so-fun starts (this isn't a case of bad turning good, rather some series need that many chapters to build the foundations for a more solid story later on).
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