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    Writer [Lillia24]

    My Title: A Memory from Long Ago
    Based on Manhwa: A Thousand Years Nine-Tails
    Written By: Lillia24
    Word Count: 1884!!

    I watched as So-Yoon and Grandma walked inside the house. I was different from them, a nine-tailed fox demon, but they still welcomed me into their home. If it hadn’t been for that incident many years ago, I would never have recovered my feelings of being a family. It all happened 993 years ago. I still remember those days quite well. They were dark and gloomy. I was always alone, but now the darkness no longer penetrates the light guiding me. Because everything that brought me back from the depths of hell, was the guiding light of a butterfly...

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    993 YEARS AGO…

    “Banya!” whispered my mother while holding me tightly. A tear dropped onto my face. “You must survive this! I will not let you die! Even if you are the child of that man, you’re still my flesh and blood! Now, run! Run as far as you can and don’t ever come back!”

    “Mo-o-om,” I cried. “I don’t wanna go! I wanna be with you!”

    “Quiet and just run!” she whispered urgently. “GO! NOW!”

    I turned my back to her and ran. The sounds of the villagers were getting closer and closer. The tears flowed freely as I ran. I closed my eyes and clenched my little fists as I ran for my life. I hadn’t gotten very far when a scream tore through the dark bamboo forest. It made me stop in my tracks and I turned around to see who it was that had screamed. It was my mother. I screamed in horror as I saw the villagers plunge their weapons into her. After pulling them out without a second thought, they came after me. My tears had blinded me and my heart was hurting so much that I started to black out. Before my eyes closed, a second scream tore through the darkness. It was my scream, again.

    I soon awoke. All around me lay an endless field of bodies. I looked down at my hands; they were red with their blood. Without warning, a deep gurgle came from my deep within my throat. It took me a while to discern that it wasn’t gurgling but laughter. My outburst both surprised me and scared me. It showed me the other side of myself, the part of me that was not human, but demon. I could no longer control myself. The real beast within me had finally burst from its container after the slaughter. I was half-demon-half-human, the descendant of a nine-tailed fox demon. My inner soul was incomplete. Only one side would remain in control. When my mother was alive, she kept me from becoming a full demon. Now that she was gone, the demon side of me went on a rampage. For many years, my inner battle was fought and it also took the lives of many that came by the mountain. In killing the many people that came by without a reason, the mountain was later renamed Fox Mountain. The reason was because I was going on a rampage without a care for anyone else. It was a name that was suitable for my demon half. It was long afterwards that my inner battle finally ended. By that time, I had killed over one thousand humans, thus causing the shift of power. In the end, my demon side prevailed over my human side.

    For many years after my inner battle ended, I started killing more humans one after another. Everyone that crossed my path was slaughtered. My demon side enjoyed the killings. But everything changed one cold winter four-hundred-ninety-three years later, when I had reached about my five hundredth year of life. I was going out of control with my killings and so the humans living around the area brought in a group of mediums to seal me away. The battle lasted for almost a hundred years after, but I was eventually sealed away in a well. Thus, the mountain where I lived was renamed Medium Mountain.

    I waited, as the humans slowly forgot about me, for my chance to escape from my prison. My chance finally came when a little girl accidentally stumbled upon my seal two hundred years ago. I tricked her into opening the seal for me and I escaped. Since over the years the mediums’ powers had declined, I was able to slaughter everyone living in the new village that they had created on my mountain. The only one that was left was the little girl that had opened my seal. She could only watch as I killed her family one by one, but even when she was the only one left, she just looked at me without fear. It angered me and I went for her throat with my claws.

    I shouted, announcing each syllable with emphasis of my anger, “Why-aren’t-you-a-fraid?!”
    Through her pain, she smiled at me and said, “I don’t know.”
    My grip loosened as I saw her smile. It was not like any of the smiles that I had seen before. It had a tinge of sadness in it, but at the same time it had no fear. At the same time, it seemed to pull my human side back a little.

    “Why don’t you know?!” I exclaimed.

    “Maybe because it’s better to die now than later,” she choked out. “As much as it hurts, being alone hurts a lot more.”

    “And how would you know?!” I shouted.

    “I don’t,” she replied. “At least not as much as you, Mr. Fox. You probably know more about this than I do since you’ve been alone longer than me it seems. I know how much it hurts to lose the ones that I love, but your eyes tell me that you’re hurting more than me at this moment.”

    “Ha!” I laughed. “Like you know anything about me! I’m a killer! The more I kill, the better I feel!”

    “But from looking in your eyes, you look very lonely,” she said. “You may say that the more you kill the happier you’ll be, but from the look of things, you’re hurting as well from killing.”

    Her words made my grip on her loosen some more. *B-DMP* I felt a familiar sensation as her words hit me. I screamed and let go of her as the sound of pounding rang through my head. My vision blurred. I could only make out her small form leaning over me, shouting something at me, before I blacked out.

    I awoke to the chiming of twin bells. *Chiiing*Chiiing* Where am I? I thought. I looked around me and saw someone, a shadow, maybe.

    “Who are you?” I asked. It turned around to face me. I gasped. It was me.

    It smiled and said, “I am you and you are me. We are one, but also not.”

    “What?” I asked in a confused voice.

    “We are two sides of a being,” it replied. “Only one can prevail over the other. Only one can live and the other must die.”

    “Why?” I asked. “Why can’t we live in peace together?”

    “We are like Yin and Yang,” it answered. “We cannot coexist with one another. Wars always result because of things like this.”

    “But I will coexist with you,” I replied firmly. “We must. Even though my mother was human and my father a demon, they were able to live together in coexistence. We should be able to do it as well because we are one.”

    “Then let’s test that theory of yours out!” it exclaimed and rushed towards me. We fought, I don’t know how long the battle lasted, but it felt like many days passed in that empty void. The last words I heard from myself, or you could say, my other self, was: “I look forward to seeing how long you will last with coexistence as your goal…”

    The next I awoke, I was lying on a bed.

    “Ugh, where am I?” I asked to no one in particular. I looked around the room from my position on the bed.

    “You’re in my house,” replied a voice from my left. I looked up and saw the little girl.

    “What’re you going to do to me?” I asked, sitting up quickly. I had to hold on to my head since it started reeling from the pain. I was still not at one hundred percent.

    “Right now, I’m not really sure,” she said. “But we have to take care of your wounds first.”

    “Why?” I asked.

    “Why, what?” she asked me back.

    “Why are you helping the person who killed your family?” I said.

    “Because,” she replied. “There’s nothing wrong with someone helping another.”

    “But I killed…” I trailed off and she smiled at me. She reminded me of myself from many years ago, after I had lost my mother. Just that she was a little…different than me.

    “I’ve been alone most of my life,” she said to no one in particular, while getting the medicine ready for me. “The people I have been living with aren’t really my parents. They’re my uncle and aunt, and they don’t really care what happens to me anyways.”

    “Where are your parents?” I asked.

    “They passed away,” she answered. “There was an accident and they were killed trying to save me.”

    “What were they like?” I asked.

    “Curious now?” she laughed.

    “N-NO!” I exclaimed, turning away to hide my blushing.

    She laughed and then smiled dreamily in thought. Without thinking, she said, “They were nice people. They were the type that would goof around and get into trouble and then laugh it off when they barely survived.”

    I frowned at her, but she was so lost in thought that she didn’t see it.

    “They left me a mission before they died though,” she continued.

    “What mission?” I asked.

    “They told me to never do anything that I’d regret,” she said with a smile and coming back to the present. “And I’ve never done anything that I’d regret so far.”

    “So you’re saying that you won’t regret saving my life?” I growled.

    She only smiled some more. “No. I won’t regret anything I do. Even if my life does end because of saving you, I will never regret it.”

    “Never?” I snarled.

    “Never,” she smiled and said without a second thought.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *


    “Banya!” exclaimed So-Yoon. “Grandma has dinner ready! Let’s go in and eat!”

    I smiled at her. “I’m coming! I’m going to need a twelfth serving!”

    “Who are you trying to mooch off?!” she exclaimed, giving me a clout in the head when I got near her.

    “You, of course!” I laughed.

    She gave me a frown and walked inside. I smiled at her retreating back. As I look at her, many things remind me of you, Im-Soo. She’s very strong in both mind and body, just like you were during that time we first met long ago. You gave me a new life and way of living. Although many years have passed and you’re no longer with me today, the little cocoon that you left me has now become a full-grown butterfly…
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    You are well within the word limit and I see the butterflies (~^o^)~

    Best of luck to you Lillia24! I am going to read it now!

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    sad thing is, i don't quite have enough time to read all the stories right now (and so once again i won't vote) and my story was just written quickly so some things might not make sense. hope you like it though!

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    Lillia24, I changed the thread title to have the brackets around your username instead of "writer", hope you don't mind ^_^;

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    ohh I like this *____* ninetails!!! I didn't know someone read it!!!! Just as a note, it's coming to webtoon soon, thus, more releases soon!!!! yay!

    well-written, and an interesting theory... Whether it has a grain of truth or not... you can find out when the releases start (:<

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    @Tallrice: i don't mind! i realized i made a mistake after i looked back! XD

    @Avoki: Ahahaha! I like nine-tailed beasts and other legendary creatures! Plus the manhwa left more room for my imagination so i just went with that! XD...and i just used a random name for So-Yoon's great-great grandmother (or something like that). hope you liked it though! XD

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    Lillia24, Thank you very much for participating in the contest. I know you are very busy and yet, you were still able to make such a great story for all of us to read! I hope NaNo goes well and I look forward to seeing you in the blog and in future competitions ^o^

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    Good Job, Lillia, and good luck with NaNo!

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    Thnx everyone! XD

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    lillia24, that's a very good story you have written. I should have begged everyone to extend the deadline for your sake, because you obviously have the great potential but not the time... I'm looking forward to seeing your works posted in the authors section :)
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