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Thread: [READ BEFORE POSTING] Rules for Suggestions

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    [READ BEFORE POSTING] Rules for Suggestions

    You have a manga or manhwa in mind that you would like us to scanlate?

    Let us know here!

    • Please start a new topic for your suggestion/request.
    • The topic of your new thread should be Manga Title
    • Inside the post also include a link to the Baka-Updates Manga page for the series, or a corresponding page in another database if a BMU doesn't exist.
    • A synopsis, if the BMU or other webpage doesn't include one in English.
    • A link to free RAWs if you can find them.

    Note: Before you suggest a series, please run a search in our suggestions forum in case someone else has already suggested it.

    Synopsis: General Tokugawa was given 13 sacred swords to bring peace to Japan. However just when Tokugawa started a new dynasty, he was assassinated by his 12 commanders, aka masters of the 12 sacred swords. The last one, Crimson Firebird, was given to Dohran, Tokugawa's naive son . Many years have passed and now, under the cover of a travelling performer, Dohran is seeking revenge and also to bring back the smile in the faces of people.

    Suggestions we will NOT consider:
    • Naver webtoons
    • Projects currently scanlated actively* by another group
    • Series licensed in English**
    • Joints requested by anyone other than an admin from the proposed joint group.

    Please don't post such requests at all cause they will be deleted or moved to the "No" forum board.

    *Active scanlation implies that a group is working on the project, and none of the following applies:
    1st: They have dropped or planning to drop it.
    2nd: Their quality is so bad that its nearly unreadable.
    3rd: They haven't released anything in over 3 months.

    **If the English licensing company has terminated the license, you may suggest the series.
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    Announcement -Please Read-

    You may suggest all the projects you want in this forum :)

    Even if we dont pick up a series right away, we might do so in the future :)
    We will either keep the thread pending and ask for more information, or move it to the "Maybe" forum board.

    Oh ~ and if we announce that we are picking up a project, here in public, we do not care if another group does a chapter before us ~ we will do it anyway!
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    Some things to consider for those of you who have recommendations.

    Projects with a higher probability of being picked up.
    • Free RAWs
    • Free RAWS, and you've been dedicated enough to actually get us the RAWs yourself
    • Free RAWs, and you've sent us links for it in multiple languages, for example, French, Chinese, Spanish, and etc
    • Did I mention Free RAWs yet?
    • Someone on the staff, particularly a translator is very enthusiastic about picking it up

    Least Likely to be picked up.
    • Series w/ no RAWs to look at
    • Series w/ no Summaries
    • Shoujo
    • Ecchi and/or Hentai
    • Harem
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