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Thread: Favorite Anime Openings/Endings!

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    Re: Favorite Anime Openings/Endings!

    Shura - GIntama ED (can't remember which one)

    Donten - Gintama OP (can't remember which one either)

    White Destiny - Pretear OP

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    Re: Favorite Anime Openings/Endings!

    ALONES by Aqua Timez(Bleach OP)
    One of the best AniSong out there. During AniCons, this song always, ALWAYs, gets played w/o fail.

    Complication by Rookiez is Punk'd(DRRR! OP2)
    Hands down, this song is my all-time favorite. It's been on my playlist for four effing months. Till' *coughs*2NE1*coughs*

    Diamond Crevasse by May'n(Macross Frontier ED)
    So GD emotional. Made me cry when it became a BGM in the anime.

    Ame ga Furu by Maaya Sakamoto(Kurogane no Linebarrel ED01)
    It sounds like Diamond Crevasse but it's more mellow and calming. Perfect for those who are in a relationship.

    Rolling Star by YUI(Bleach OP)
    First japanese song I memorized.

    Special Mentions:
    0:00AM by Acid- Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Tou
    Minna no Peace by Afromania- Gurren Lagann
    Cyclone by 12012- Romeo X Juliet
    Luvly, Merry-Go-Round by Pipo Angels- Tantei Gakuen Q

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    Re: Favorite Anime Openings/Endings!

    The OP of Durarara 'cause normally I skip the OP but by durarara I can'T skip the op
    it's too good....
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    Re: Favorite Anime Openings/Endings!

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    Re: Favorite Anime Openings/Endings!

    Durarara OP/OP2 and ED/ED2
    Eden of the East OP
    Hakuouki ~Hekketsu-Roku~ OP and Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan OP
    Hatenkou Yuugi OP
    Kemono no Souja Erin OP
    Level E ED and OP
    One Piece OP10
    Samurai Champloo ED
    Simoun op & ed
    World Destruction OP
    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ED2

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    Re: Favorite Anime Openings/Endings!

    Dang, there are tons! LOL xD Buttt I'll just list the ones from the animes I'm currently watching. :)

    Well, I love a bunch of Naruto's openings and endings. Especially when they pretty much gives a nice visual representation of what's going on and the songs are great. <333 No, I'm not trying to be biased. They really are the openings and endings that I love. ^^

    Naruto Shippuden FIRST opening - Hero come back!
    I don't know how anyone would NOT love this song/opening! It's the opening for the beginning of Shippuden! xD I really love the song and just the awesomeness of it. :D

    Naruto Shippuden First ending - Nagareboshi Shooting Star
    this ending was cute x) nice song as well

    Naruto Shippuden second ending - ~michi~ to you all
    reminds me of Goong x) love the ending and the voice is really goood

    Naruto Shippuden seventh opening -Toumei Datta Sekai
    Jiraiya, Pain, Naruto's new power...what more to say? :)

    Naruto Shippuden eighth opening - Diver
    I love the visual representation of it, as Naruto sinks falling into darkness, with the bad guys watching him...but then there are the important people pushing him back up. :)

    Naruto Shippuden ninth opening -
    Once again, the visual representation of it. There really is now a gap between Naruto and Sasuke, and it looks like it won't be able to mend. Really foreshadowing. o.O

    && finally, one that is NOT part of Naruto, lol. x)

    Fairy Tail 6th ending - Be as One
    The beginning of it really capture me, with a beautiful voice and nice beats. It was also a cute chibi versions of the characters so I thought that was cute. But really, the song is really good. Great voice.

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    Oh man, it definitely HAS to be......*DRUM ROLL*

    The World God Only Knows I. God Only Knows by Oratorio.

    It's the very first and only OP I'm addicted to and that's a lot coming from an anime freak :D

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    Angel beats ending

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    629 Break Blade Giniro no Kami no Agito xxxHolic
    or pretty much anything else by Kokia or Suga Shikao are my favorites, but the following ones are on god mod also Wolf's Rain Durarara Kemono no Souja Erin Tegami Bachi
    Last Exile

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