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Thread: Contestant [Spirafall] --- 1st Place

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    Contestant [Spirafall] --- 1st Place

    Name: Spirafall
    Title: Australia

    + + +

    To everyone who has commented before, thank you.
    I'll be uploading the wallpaper along with the full-sized version of this piece on my deviantArt.

    Last of all, thank you Claudia for the congratulations and Tallrice for hosting this competition.

    + Congratulations to FiFi and Weixwei as well for winning.

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    Congratulations on winning 1st place in the 8th competition Spirafall!

    Your artwork will be published in Noblesse as you requested. You will also see it in the 1st EGS Magazine which will soon be released~

    And you already told me you are patient and will be looking forward to releases as they come~ I take note!

    Nice to see your beautiful artwork up again! I will be looking forward to more in the future (^_-)~*
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    Congratulations! It was truly a wonderful piece of art. I hope you participate in the next one as well.

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