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Thread: Layers Anarchy / Discussion

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    Layers Anarchy / Discussion

    Title: Layers Anarchy
    Genre: Shounen, mystery, School life, action, Supernatural
    Reading order: Left to right
    Author: GLPI
    Artist: GLPI
    Status in Country of Origin: (Ongoing)
    Description: Mia has a special talent which she didn’t know she had until recently. If she concentrates, she can transfer in another dimension called “Layers”. That dimension has no people except those that can transfer of course and... The monsters that lurk there! If you accidentally get trapped in “Layers” your only hope is... The Special Class!

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    I'm so glad this series is being continued! It's such a unique concept. Normally, the "other world" exists in a different place (like in Narnia, or Alice in Wonderland), but with Layers, they seem to overlap.

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    I agree, this is one of my favorite webtoons! Judging from the first few chapters it looks like there will be a bunch of interesting new characters, as well as an actual villain. Thanks for translating!

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    i'm glad this project is being translated because there was recurrent scenes that let the first season to be somehow boring but now it becomes far more interesting with the new character who have been introduced.

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