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Thread: Contestant [Cerdaemon]

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    Contestant [Cerdaemon]

    Hello guys
    it s my first time on these forums actually.
    I was just reading one of my favorite mangas when suddenly that page about an art
    contest popped up.

    And it was Dragons who doesn t love Dragons and since i still had one floating around on my
    harddrive i will just submit it =P

    Not the best but i still like it.

    More of an asian dragon than a western one.

    Mfg Cerdaemon

    Name:  dragon.jpg
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    this one looks mythical and very old and... (arg, what's the word...) mighty


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    This one is good

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    Wow! Great!!! I really like it! ^^
    Welcome and enjoy the forums!

    So, he's been floating around your harddrive? Is he okay? : D

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    I think he found some stray bytes, that's what those glowing things are

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    this dragon really reminds me of ouroboros, the serpent that devour it's tail, but this one doesn't,.. maybe he lost interest in his tail, and decided to pursue the light..stray bites i mean... hmm...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perky View Post
    I think he found some stray bytes, that's what those glowing things are
    Stray bites... ∑(O.O; ) *Please don't let the bites be rice*

    Awesome Cardaemon~! And welcome to the EGS forums~ I hope to see more of your pretty artworks in the forums ^o^)

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    Great job! I like the scaly details and how it's entwined around itself.

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    Soo dark and scary... ...
    Naaah just kidding ... That dark feel makes it a really cool picture !

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    Thanks for all the good feedback =P

    He probably lived of stray data and occuppying free space xD

    Well if i get the to it, you might get to see more of me but i am still learning ^^

    Actually i am studying Game design >.> i wanna go in the direction of concept artist thats a dream =P
    And before anyone needs to ask i study im Hamburg cause i come from germany

    Mfg Cerdaemon

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