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Thread: Contestant [shein] --- 1st Place

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    Contestant [shein] --- 1st Place

    Title: Kiss :)
    (EDIT Tallrice: Website:

    yay! now its bigger..and thanks everyone.

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    It's cute! And pink : D I like it^^

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    Very romantic~ Glad to see your entry, shein!

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    I really like the coloring and details of the hair. Makes me crave to see more of their bodies. Very cute!

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    The coloring is great, love that bright feel about the piece

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    Awwweee... It's so romantic and sweet! The coloring is really good and I love the little dancing hearts.

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    Congratulations on winning 1st place in the 10th art competition Shein!

    Please tell me in which of our releases you would like your artpiece to be published.

    You also have read ahead privileges for a series of your choice~ So which series would you like to read from the EGS project list?

    Congratulations and I will be looking forward to more of your artworks in the future \(^o^)/
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    THANK YOU SO MUCh! especially to those who voted me.. in my case., this is a really big accomplishment. (and im getting better thanks to this)

    i would love it if my drawing to be in Paladin or Pinocchio,.or moon ah? whichever of those three..or Annarasumanara,.i would love to read Annarasumanara in advance

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