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Thread: [東方] Touhou Project Fans Assemble! =D

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    [東方] Touhou Project Fans Assemble! =D

    Fan of the Touhou bullet-hell shooters? Or better yet, fan of their AMAZING SOUNDTRACKS & REMIXES? Head to the club by clicking on Reimu!

    If you've never heard of Touhou before, it's not an anime or manga (though there are doujins based on the series). Touhou is mostly made up of bullet-hell shooters, which are basically a modernized version of side-scrolling shooters made to be incredibly difficult. Enemies often fill the screen with projectiles. (hence the genre name "bullet-hell")

    Don't think that liking Touhou makes you a loli. That's not why most people like the series. ZUN is crazy great at music composition and game production (not so much at artwork lol that's why the characters look like they do; ZUN designs everything about these games, from the music to the game itself).

    If you have no clue what this stuff is, please just visit the group and look at the two threads I posted (links below). I'm trying to increase awareness of this incredible series. People into Japanese culture should have at least heard of Touhou before. If not, you've likely seen in-game characters floating around the internet without knowing who they were.

    About the Touhou Shooters:
    About the Music of Touhou:

    Thanks for reading! And do look at the threads =3

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