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Thread: Jan Zodiac Spoff by baratha

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    Jan Zodiac Spoff by baratha

    i know im la~~~te,,,,forgive meee... and i know it will not be included in competition,,,
    its okeh...i just upload it by the way....

    Name:  SPOOF.jpg
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Size:  20.6 KBName:  spoof01.jpg
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    meanwhile, m-21,,,
    Name:  Noblesse_ch217_p16.jpg
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    and i went,,,, OH SNAAAAPPP!!!
    (why do they need any girlfriend?!.... mama...)
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    haha... really cute! If only you had been in time for the contest.

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    Yes, it's a pity that you weren't fast enough ...
    But I'm glad that you posted it anyway. Someone should tell M-21 that he won't get a girlfriend with such an aggressive behaviour. All girls run - there's a wolf on the hunt

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