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Thread: Best Anime Fights

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    Scatter you are the3 best bro.

    I don't watch anime for fight scenes anymore Its a waist of time. I would like to knock bleach, soul eater and even dragonball Z with that comment. NOT IMPRESSED!! How long did I wait for ichigo to fight captain kuchiki and thats what I got if you don't like me downloading your product make it worth buying in the first place. At least goku trained his heart out and had to go through some hectik battle and almost die before he ascended a level. A butter fly lands on Ichigo's shoulder and he becomes a lieutenant. Naruto had a reason to be overpowered he was the container for the soul of the 9 tailed fox who's chakra was endless.

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    I don't know if I'm on crack but...The Prince of Tennis has some wicked Anime battles HAHAHAHA

    haha but seriously, I loved all FMA fight scenes (from the original and from Brotherhood), Shishio vs Kenshin and practically every major battle in Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach also had great fights...hmm, what else...OH D. GRAY MAN! huhuhu the animation, the techniques. Good lord, D. Gray Man <3

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