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Thread: Where do you BUY your Anime?

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    Where do you BUY your Anime?

    Lets face it, we all have an anime we want to buy that isnt available at the local walyworld and some like me, live in small towns that dont have a movie store. (My town dosent even have a book store anymore much less a comic store.) So i was just curious where people shop online for their Anime. My first try is AnimeNation but im less than thrilled with the slow delivery so far. (mail shouldnt take a week to arrive anywhere in the U.S.)

    Share your horror or pleasant experiences wit the masses.

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    Hmm, after seeing a couple of those sites suddenly shut down and take peoples money w/ them, I am now hesitant in using those sites and go purely through Amazon now. Despite having a slightly higher cost, I'm assured that my order isn't some bootleg, it will only charge once it gets shipped, and they won't suddenly shutdown.

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    it depends... I got a lot through Amazon (I'm like you, where I live is rural to the nth degree. No bookstores, no video outlets. Heck, we've got cow pastures and corn fields...) and and I'm not proud to admit it but I got seasons 1-3 of Gin Tama through a Malay site claiming to be legit and licensed, but all they did was rip-off rumbel-subs and press DVDs with FBI warnings. But, it played and they had a Bandai address still have the bill of lading when I get arrested *sigh* Best suggestion is Amazon and/or - at least that way you get free shipping and/or goodies. If you want Korean videos try gmarket (google it) There is also yesasia or playasia but the shipping takes forever with both and with the last three, shipping can be expensive up until you earn the freebies.
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    Bah, I don't really buy anime.
    The only anime I have is Love Hina, and I actually didn't finish it yet, i recieved the whole season as a b-day present a couple of years ago .

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    For the most part, the anime that I do watch is mostly watched online, but I'm more of a manga reader.

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    If I would be able to buy them in local stores, I definetly would go there but in Belgium the you really don't find anything in terms of manga/anime The only thing we have here are the mainstream manga like OP or Naruto... So most of them I watch online.

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    The majority of mine comes from Sakura Media at Metrotown. Most others from dealers at cons.
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