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Thread: Latest Anime You Have Watched

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreakY View Post
    Monster, is that the one with Kenzo Tenma? i'm translating it to my own language here
    Yeah it is

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    Loved the manga, esp the author's rant at the end i have high hopes for the anime
    wait, what?

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    I went through a few series during break ^^

    Anohana (OMG! I never thought an anime would make me shed tears)
    The devil is a part-timer <-- this is really funny, I'd recommend it to anyone XD
    Free! (I'm not really into fan service but it was a good story ^^)

    And am watching Steins;Gate right now ^^

    PLanning to watch: Madoka Magica (is it as good as everyone says?) and Angel Beats. I didn't watch Attack on Titan, but I think I should ;D

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    I haven't watched AoT either...tell myself some other time and here I am after I finished re watching Ao no exorcist xD
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    The Devil is a part timer was great and funny. Don't know about Madoka Magica but Angel Beats is a good one.

    Right now I'm watching Kamisama no Ino Nichiyoubi

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    Angel Beats is funny xD
    wait, what?

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    The Berserk movies and Evangelion movies
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    Keeping up with:
    Log Horizon 2
    SAO 2
    unlimited blade works
    I can't understand what my husband is saying

    first two have been rather disappointing me lately. Honestly, SAO shoulda ended with rescuing his gf imho. Granted, it's based off light novels or something I believe and I'm sure they just kept going and going.. but there's really no tension and source of interest/hook in it the beginning premise had.

    log horizon 2 I think dwells too much on details of the world and tiny increments of mental/emotional progression of the people and should go for slightly broader strokes of things. I think they've done plenty to show it's a 'real' world.

    fate/stay UBW is better iteration of the other anime series they had out years ago, which I thought could have been interesting but turned out shitty. Since this series also has that prequel series to draw from as well (RIP previous holy grail war'd Rider), kinda gives you greater appreciation of things, I think.

    Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken aka I can't understand what my husband's saying
    - Wakaranai is simple, sweet, short series, despite contrary expectations I had when I was checking this out. Can get a little too raunchy (well, it serves to create character caricatures though) but it's basically vanilla rom-com between otaku husband and normal wife that's sweet enough for cupcakes.

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    Just finished:
    Ano Hana - I agree with AgentE... it made me cry buckets.
    Kaguyahime no Monogatari - The latest Ghibli movie. Another tearjerker. I must be a masochist. Why do I do this to myself. And jesus christ the art and music are so gorgeous I can't handle it.
    Madoka Magica - I have been Urobutchered. I had a bit of an existential crisis after watching this. Not sure if I've recovered yet. The story reminds me a bit of Steins;Gate.

    Donten ni Warau - Not sure how I feel about the anime 'cause I've already read the manga (it's one of our projects, after all). Love the story and the characters. I can't think of anything more perfect than having Sakurai Takahiro voice Shirasu.
    Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Work - I can't help but compare this to Fate/Zero and sadly, nothing can beat Fate/Zero. But at least this is better than the original piece of trash they made back in 2006.
    Gugure! Kokkuri-san - I love kitsune. Especially when the kitsune is voiced by Ono Daisuke... and suddenly turns into the most kawai kitsune girl ever lol
    Orenchi no Furo Jijou - 4 minutes per episode, about a guy having a merman as a pet in his bathtub... I don't know. It's just hilarious. Even I need some light-heartedness once in a while and this is perf.
    Psycho-Pass 2 - Not as good as the first season. The whole plot feels kinda flat. But it's still pretty good.
    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Another EGS project. It's super intense and feels really suffocating. It's a good story, but not an enjoyable one, because the main character suffers too much, and my heart always feels heavy after watching an episode.
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    World Trigger

    hmm.... The thing i like about this anime is the rank system... A, B and C... also our MC is someone average who try really hard to help his friends and do what is right. Also it has a lot of potential and longer plot which isn't boring (except for the fact that one episode contain 5 minute of introduction, sudden opening song and sudden freeze that make you think the video crash/broke... ^.^

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