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Thread: 12# EGS Art contest rules and guidelines

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    *sad face* I was on a mission for the military during this time.. *sigh* I'll just have to try for the next one. :D

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    Congratulations and thank you to all participants! This was a great month, there were some really nice drawings so the decision was very difficult to make, I hope to see you all back in future contests and I hope you all had fun!

    1st place winner Pammy
    2nd place winner Linnil
    3rd place winner

    The winning works have been uploaded to the homepage

    I hope to see you all again in future contests and/or our Artists' Gallery~

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennyachan View Post
    Hi while i was reading manga, I saw familiar drawing pop up:

    On bottom there was a winner, so I checked the contest and you said original art no tracing?
    The art work by 1st prize: Lokin
    Hi tennyachan, thanks for the feedback~ I was not here back then, but that particular entry was from the 1st EGS Art Contest. During the first art contest, I don't think the rules specify that you can't trace. I just read them over and it says no copy, but colouring in a work seems to have been allowed.

    This rule has been changed since, so that was just as a result of being one of our early contests, I believe.

    I hope you continue to frequent the EGS forums (^_-)~* (and the EGS online reader for our releases, if possible: we have a great reader with webtoon view that we hope will suit your reading preferences)
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