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Thread: 12# EGS Art contest rules and guidelines

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    12# EGS Art contest rules and guidelines

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    EGS Art contest is a monthly contest to encourage all graphic artists out there to draw, and publish their works through the net!

    Rules /Theme:
    - Theme: Martial Arts
    (Let me see those upper cuts and karate uniforms!!)

    - The size: 800 width x 1200 height pixels
    - You can participate with multiple submissions.
    - You can even participate with an older artwork submition of yours (which didnt win in the past)
    - While the contest is still ongoing, you can even alter or modify your submission(s).

    - Deadline: 6th of April 2012
    - Whatever artwork you have submitted on the 6th of April is what we will judge you with.
    - Whoever wins... must be able to prove that he/she was the one that did the artwork and not just copy it from someone else. (there are plenty ways to convince us for that)

    How to Participate:

    Once you have completed your artwork, you just have to post it in this forum but include the following:

    - Your nickname/username
    - Artwork name
    - Your Contact email (if you want)
    - Your website (if you have)

    (Note: Easy Going Scans members and staff can also participate in this contest if they want! But if an EGS member wins they will share the winnings with the 2nd runner up)
    That is because what we offer to the winners the EGS members have it by default >_<


    - A book, volume of a manga/ manhwa/ manhua of his/her choice
    (this prize we are going to give away anyway ~ meaning if the 1st runner up does not want to it can pass down to 2nd or 3rd; this is an original language raw)
    - We will include his/her artwork in her favorite series
    - He/she will be able to read ahead whatever project he/she likes from the EGS project list (for a month)
    - We MIGHT also use her artwork in one of our ad pages that will be displayed in every release we do.


    - We will include his/her artwork on his/her favorite manga


    - We will include his/her artwork on his/her favorite manga

    Good Luck to Everyone! Let's Have a Fun Contest!
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