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Thread: Contestant [balloon]

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    cow town (:

    Contestant [balloon]

    i feel like mine is really plain compared to everyone else's O:

    High Kick
    Click image for larger version. 

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    waaait i'm allowed to have done this on computer, right? o.o


    i shaded and added a background O:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ...i'm terrible at backgrounds >.<
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    Now, for the very first time (in DVD and VHS... no, kidding) in England!
    Of course you can do it on computer, Kandieren's was entirely done on photoshop and she got second place last month, see:

    The only important part is that you do it yourself!

    Your entry is good, but why didn't you put any shade on him?
    I mean he looks like he got flattened. You should choose from where the light come, and make the parts that are nearer the light lighter, and those that don't get any light darker.
    Anyway, welcome in this forum crazy artists' community!
    And don't forget to go intrduce yourself here:

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    cow town (:
    maan, i knew i was forgetting something O:

    thanks for reminding me (:

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    OH this pose look cool!

    there should be some background and it will perfect. *w*

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    Hehe, welcome to the forums and art contest, balloon!

    I like the proportions and colouring! It's a nice position. I look forward to seeing the shaded, backgrounded one up!

    Have fun!

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    Heh Heh I read "high kick" and thought of the korean drama nice pose!

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