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    Contestant [DaneKoponen]

    Heya folks ^_^

    I've read a lot of the manga put out by EG, and I always thought the little artwork thingies were fun, so I decided to pop in and say hi and mebbe submit something or three.

    From a brief little peek around the forums you guys have a really welcoming, fun, and relaxed environment. I hope to see more of you in the future beyond this contest

    Anyways, I'm a little unclear on the exact rules for submissions, so I was gonna start this as a serious submission but I wasn't sure if we were allowed to use reference, so I ended up having second thoughts and doing it as a values study. for more info on it.

    Hopefully I can find time off work between now and the 6th to do a serious submission, I've got a ton of cool poses in mind to draw!

    Oh, and people getting their teeth punched out. Spit flying, flesh rippling from the impact, skin tearing, that priceless expression... so many unusual things to draw! :D

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    looks awesome although i think the background is a bit distracting , love the shading on bruce lee X3
    . . ^^
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    Yeah, it really doesn't work as a drawing, but that wasn't exactly what I was going for when I drew it- to quote my DA entry for it:

    "This was *intended* as a quick and sloppy values study- rather than working on capturing a likeness or expression, creating texture or detail, etc, I focused almost purely on the values I was drawing. I can do a decent simple tonal scale, but actually applying that has been a bit more difficult for me- basically I'm trying to develop my eye.

    I guess this would also count as a hand/wrist/forearm study as well, since the reference I was working from had a pretty shallow focal depth or whatever you call it- the entire arm was out of focus, badly. So I just drew in what I felt looked natural, with as little detail as possible.

    My sincerest apologies to Bruce Lee, whose likeness got pretty botched here (thankfully that wasn't the point)."

    If I get another one done in time it will have a less distracting background and I'll try to make it look all pretty n such

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    hmmmmmm the right hand is bit vague and you should have darkened the thumb lines a bit ,also the pointing finger is too small

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    nice looks awesome

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    nice !! XD

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    I agree with weixwei about the background, would be better if it was just a plain black perhaps? But the drawing of Lee himself is amazing! The detail is really cool. I hope you'll share more of your works with us!

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    i love the way you drew the eyessss * u* <3
    (as well as your water study on dA QuQ <333)

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    so realistic!

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