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Thread: Writer [eminorel] "Lieu"

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    Writer [eminorel] "Lieu"


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    waaaa so emotional ^^ I have no more words *brushes away tears*
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    epic! that's pretty interesting for a short story.

    as a person, the story seems kinda strange to me since my first (& last) girlfriend actually had a scar in her face, and it's not her who made me love her for "who she is." lol since when were 'scars' a part of what people are, I thought humans are much more valuable. and who needs an idiot who cares about scars anyway lol.

    but, enough with my rants... so here's my opinion about the story as a reader:

    I think experience should construct instead of 'instruct', which explains the girl's mistake in the story. I mean experience should not dominate one's way of life, but it should simply be a part of what they seek to create, so they won't be limited by a certain idea. sadness gives people a certain value, I'm sure it does.

    in our world, function defines value. in the world of dreams, it is value that defines function. that is, in a girl's dream, the ghost will haunt her for no reason other than being a ghost, and the knight on the white horse will simply save her because he is the knight on the white horse, which is his value. as for the reasons why the ghost in haunting her, and why is the night saving her, these reasons can be found in reality (but not it the way that twisted poor excuse for a human being thingy named Freud would explain it. again, it's like the yin and yang balance, so it's purely spiritual and good. why the heck do people explain dreams in a material way, when, since the dawn of times, all the greatest civilizations related dreams to spirituality. anyways, reality is run by functions, and dreams are run by values. in order for the dream to come true, in order to find the night on the white horse, all the girl had to do was to actually 'function' in reality, and she would find the one with the value of a lover there! happy ending, happy world.
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    I like it. Very well put together, good length, not over-descriptive. Very nicely done.
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    Oh yay! Eminorel posted a story!! So happy (~^o^)~ ... and sad I didn't notice it until now: sowwy~ m(_ _)m

    And yes! That is amazing!

    I have to say my favourite image is the black cat. Mostly because I remember so many nights, when I lived in my old house in belgium that I would just sit in my window and look down at these cats that played there... I would meow and sometimes they would meow back, sometimes they would slink away, etc... Haa.... brings back memories. So many silent nights like that. I can really empathize with the heart the girl has when I read about her time looking through the window~

    And the whole world is great. The duality between dream world and 'reality' plus the other side of the coin in the boy's world. The last section was a really nice way to end, showing the other perspective. And that couplet really stood out! Good job incorporating the rhyme in there~

    The laughing was the other part that I liked. How she was frustrated, yet cynical in a way that she could see through many things, that she laughed like that, sadly. Again... empathy... but more than that, it really brings out her living life and her escape to a golden plain.

    Thanks for sharing eminorel <3

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