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Thread: Dark Mage / Novel Summaries

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    I thought that my life have no meaning when I heard of discontinuing manhwa .
    You put new life in me . Now I again can see all colors of the rainbow .

    Back to reality.
    Is the novel version of "Dark Mage" selling in English version ? Will you release this "Novel Summaries" in PDF or DOC ?

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    I follow this mahnwa for so long
    It's broke my heart to know that it discontinued
    Thank for the translation of the novel
    I support you

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    Thanks for this! It really sucks that they cancelled this manhwa. Oh well

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the great scanlations! Would really love to see how the story proceeds, so novel summaries would be great!

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    I was going to cry when I saw how the manwha was discontinued. Thank you for summarizing the novel. Maybe one day someone will do a full translation of them.

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    I'm a pretty strong willed dude but even the master apprentice relationship thing really jerked some tears out of me. Thank you so much for the effort in writing these summaries, but I really hope someone puts together a fan poll to show the author/artists how much this work was respected. It's so sad to see such a beautiful piece of work go down like this.. something's gotta be done.


    ..Maybe someone can start messaging popular publishers and get back to us all on their answer/reply? I don't know any publishers that are known for picking up other manhwa though.. Dark Mage can't die..
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    better idea would be to bring Dark mage back as a web comic. There's no guarantee it would be popular in Korea which it would have to be for it to be put into print and then translated, but webcomics release directly to the internet, so they are reflective of a more international fan base than a local one.

    I know tower of god would definitely have been discontinued if it was a manwha or manga, the elements aren't shouneny enough for japan/korea.

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    Thank you for working on the summaries so that all of us readers kan find out what happens to Damon. Keep up the good work!

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    I had to create an account just to say how happy and grateful I am that you decided to do these summaries. I am such a fan of this series!

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    Thanks for this section!!!

    I just came over and created the ac just so that I can get more of Dark Mage... in any form!!!!

    I was loving it ! I am sure along with others, everyone is just waiting to see how Damon plans to avenge himself and his followers who were killed.....
    He is going to become the baddest ass Dark Mage ever and kick the mighty whopping ass...

    I cant wait to see how he would handle the Dragons, does he become their arch rival and fight them to death or does he become their ally and get them to help him get his revenge.... ufff so many possiblities...

    It sucks so majorly that this ends with ch21.... drat drat drat!!!! i cant wait for the summaries to come fast enough .... I need to go and check on the net if the original novel is available in english anywhere.....

    Thans Egscan team for your efforts , appreciate it really!!!

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