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Thread: Contestant [MazingerZ]

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    Contestant [MazingerZ]

    Name: MazingerZ
    Artwork: Kitsune

    Nine-tailed Fox. Enough said. Woof woof.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    First of all, boo hoo.

    I wish I can draw and use Photoshop. So here it is, a sloppily drawn picture (#2 pencil) with sloppy handwriting. Enjoy.

    Now that I looked at it, it looks like a fifth grader's doodle.

    Proof: Grainy picture shot from my USB drive. (Better quality picture can be requested)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    if you can't color on the computer you can always shade it in with pencil? drawings can still look good without color if you add shadows and lighting for depth. i'm not sure if you want critique but this might be a better alternative if you can't use photoshop

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    Thank you for your feedback but I'm still an amateur figuring things out.

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    Don't feel bad, that's about the extent of my artistic talent as well. I personally just don't have the brain to map out things like shading and depth.

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    It's pretty good, though I do agree with pok (if I can call you that, pok3ydot) about the ability to shade adding depth to a piece.

    Don't feel down about it~ Better to take chances to improve in life than never try, right?

    You might want to visit the Art Group we have here if you're interested in growing and showcasing your work as an artist, specificially the tutorials for specific skill improvements :) Plus you can always ask others for help on improving an aspect of your work. Another good set of people to engage in this conversation is anyone whose username is pink, and labeled "The Brush and the Palette". If they're not busy, they could help you, as they're our resident artists and illustrators.

    I look forward to seeing more of your art, and best of luck!

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    Oh cool! Mazzy is in the art contest~. Hehe, it looks nice: I have to say, I don't think it needs the shading. The style, as I see it there, is more stylistic, like the sharp edges in some artworks that I quite like. It isn't really what you see in a manga, and I definitely think it could use some refining and more work, but there are more ways to go than one.

    I think the moon up in the top left is cute too~

    As for advice from my part, hmm, I think you could probably clean up the edges on the tail fairly easily, some of the tails have slightly wobbly lines, but that's just a matter of erasing and straightening them. Also, the bottom right of the chest could be narrowed a bit, he/she looks a bit fat, and then the front paw would look more natural.

    But you should be pleased about it (^_-)~* It looks good!

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    Oh tallrice! How nice for you to grace me with your presence! When I saw your post it put a smile on my face. Thank you for the encouragement. As for the tail, I don't actually know how to draw one. Then I had the "you can't perfect beauty" kind of thought and decided to leave it as it is instead of brushing it up. I realize the chest is too fat but then I don't know whether I can recreate it if I redrew it. As for the paws, I don't know how the paws are supposed to look like.

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