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Thread: 5th EGS "TEAM" Writing Contest Polls [Vote]

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    5th EGS "TEAM" Writing Contest Polls [Vote]


    Team Dragon [Erza and Sachula]

    Team Autumnbeeza [Autumnsky and Jujubeeza]
    "[Undecided at the moment]"

    Team [...] [mangafan and Ibizen Thoth]
    "The Long Walk"

    The Polls will be open for votes soon!
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    The poll is now open. Voting will proceed for 20 days, upon which the poll will close, and the winner will be announced. Sorry for the delay.

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    Congrats Ibizen Thoth. Once I figure out how everything is going to work for this, it shall be done.

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    I really like your story, please finish it. I gotta know what happens when he reaches the other side, and how will the Watcher react to it?

    Will he get there without anyone crossing his path?
    Will the clock tower chime 13 times?
    Will the girl friend return?
    Will he meet someone new?
    Will he be doomed to spend the rest of his life alone?
    Will he go back to a time when he could have taken a different path?
    Will the Watcher break free of her chains, or continue to watch?

    Come on! I gatta know! PLEASE

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