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Thread: Contestant [elkin]

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    Contestant [elkin]

    Kyuubi I guess? I drew whatever came to mind when I saw the theme.

    EDIT: final version below, with higher resolution here

    A little WIP, right now I'm testing out the colour mix and composition of the streamers. It was only when I was fixing the image size that I realised I'd been working in 800 x 1400 rather than 800 x 1200. The purple borders should be gone next time.

    Also, this turned out a lot brighter and purple than I'd originally pictured... The colours seem more Korean/Chinese than Japanese, eh.

    Critiques welcomed as usual.

    Name:  kyuubi.jpg
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    [If you've been keeping an eye out on my art thread, she's Luco's mum]
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    Whoaaa. Beautiful colors. I love the distinction in her features
    Really beautiful elkin :) Can't wait for the finalized version--if this is just the WIP, I shall be expecting epicness

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    nice inspiration for naruto :D i think this is one of the greatest art here.. mine is just trash T_T

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    i like the costume design and i like the face (she looks so elegant/strong). but it seems TOO colorful... i can't put my finger on it but i think one color should be removed...i am leaning towards the purple... but it's really beautiful so far (kyubi is a girl?!)

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    Now, for the very first time (in DVD and VHS... no, kidding) in England!
    Quote Originally Posted by pok3ydot View Post
    (kyubi is a girl?!)
    Kyubi means ninetails. bi---> tail. kyu--->9
    that's why, in naruto, gaara's biju ( it means tailed beast, by the way) is called ichibi (one tail), and the cat with two tails is called niibi.
    So any animal with nine tails can be called kyubi, but it's usually used to define foxes (they are the only ones I know of that can have nine tails.

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    Thanks, was working on it when I was kind of woozy from lack of sleep. Now that I look at it, it's really quite bright lol

    Will see how much I can do before the deadline, doubt I can finish it in time.

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    dude how r ya , well i think you should WIN, if it were up to me ya da 1st place hands down no discussion (no offense to anyone else that is participating) n even though u say its a WIP I couldnt tell, i thought it was finished n all them colors are great, not too bright or anything, dont change too much or it will lose its muchness (essence) just sayin', i dunno its up to you just go with your gut

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    This is so awesome!!! The eyes look so good! And the hair! I always go around praising the hair... but this is just... whoa...
    And yes, the colours look Korean/Chinese indeed.
    Personally, I don't think it's too colourful. It's just that with the blank background, it kinda overflows... you know what I mean

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    this is awesome
    wait, what?

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    just a small critique. she has four ears... (or are those fox ears actually her hair?) I think the human pair of ears are unecessary. But if you planned for her to have four ears, then don't mind this comment ~

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