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Thread: Questions About The Alpha Male Wars

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    Questions About The Alpha Male Wars

    If you have questions about the Alpha Male Wars, Please ask them in this thread. Also please read the Rules and Guidelines


    1) What is an Alpha Male?
    The AM is an active member of EGS and the NO Support Group who wins the title of Alpha Male. There are many differing opinions of what an Alpha Male is. The exact definition and role of the AM is determined by the AM. He may choose to be a Hero, Villain, Leader, Slave Driver, Joker, Friend, etc.

    2) Who is eligible to run for the Alpha Male Title
    The Alpha Male Wars is sponsored by the NO Support Group. Candidates who wish to run for the AM title should be active members of both EGS and the NO Support Group. The candidates should also be male.

    3) Can girls enter the Alpha Male contest?

    4) Why is there not an Alpha Female Contest?
    By a consensus of the members of the NO Support Group in November 2011, it was decided that always and forever Claudia would be the Alpha Female.

    5) What are the benefits of being the Alpha Male?

    (Taken from the Rules and Guidelines)
    Benefits of being AM:

    1) Title of respect/deference from other NO members within the forum of the NO Support group (ie. -sama, Sir, Sir Alpha, etc.) Titles of respect should be used when speaking directly to the AM or when asking for a favor.

    Ownership of the Alpha Male HQ (located in the NO Support Group)

    3) Name added to The Great Hall of Alpha

    * Other benefits may be awarded at the Game Master's discretion.
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