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Thread: Alpha Male Platform Thread | October - November 2012

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    Alpha Male Platform Thread | October - November 2012

    The purpose of this thread is for eligible males who wish to compete for the title of Alpha Male, to post their platform.

    The platform is a short description of what the candidate believes is the definition and/or purpose of the Alpha Male and how he plans to fulfill this role in the NO Support Group.

    A maximum of 10 candidates may compete.
    Candidates who registered in the Sign-Up thread have preference.
    The three who registered and up to seven others may post a platform.

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    I'll try to keep mine short.

    In my opinion an Alpha Male is a leader, welcome to be selfish in moderation, yet keeping an open mind to the people he watches over.

    As a former Alpha Male, I have had the chance to observe the contest, for once, on the sidelines and there has always been one particular topic brought up and discussed but not much ever done about it. If I am selected to be the Alpha Male, I would be happy to work towards balancing the competition. In the past contests, there has been between 2-4 participants and this may be due to other potential male participants being affected by certain unknown circumstances, but the fact will remain that the majority of Noblesse fans/addicts, from my understanding, are female. Perhaps passionate would be a better word :)

    I have noticed many potential female participants are present but have been unable to join due to the restriction which was put in place when the original idea of the competition was realised, however it was a fairly new concept in the forums. The other idea was to make an Alpha female contest but most were ready to simply submit to the founder (Claudia) cowards However this will make the third contest and the competition is becoming quite stale. I'm sure there's plenty of girls who could easily put the boys to rest

    So for the sake of the contest staying alive and fairness to all Noblesse fans/lovers/addicts, if voted in, I will change the competition by taking away the gender restriction for the following Alpha NO (Noblesse Obsessed) contests to be open for all who enjoy Noblesse to participate it wasn't so short after all...I did say try though
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    I will keep mine short as well.
    I just want to be alpha male because i think i can cause more chaos and have more fun as alpha male
    .....also "alpha" title seems to be very cool in my opinion so i want it!!!

    yes that is all :p


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    We need not repeating the act here.

    So I hereby declare war against tyranny, against the iron chain of unspoken protocols that has bound one of the most basic rights of man - to choose at his own will! As said, I shall fight this war with the elegance and the grace of a Noble. When you chose to follow me, your right to go for another one, if you believe you've found a better choice, is preserved. No hurt feeling, no consequence. Those whose heart is not with me have no use holding back. With that, I expect voluntary loyalty should you choose to stay by my side.

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