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Thread: Noblesse Zodiac contest for January 2013, Best Noblesse Spoof

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    Noblesse Zodiac contest for January 2013, Best Noblesse Spoof

    Theme: Best Noblesse Spoof

    Take any cut or combination of cuts from the Noblesse series and change the words in the speech bubbles (special effects included) to say something different. (keep it clean please)

    The contest begins on January 1, 2013 and ends on January 31, 2013.

    All EGS members are welcome to participate.

    Each contestant should start a new thread in this sub-forum with the heading:
    January 2013 [user name]; <title>

    You may edit your entries up until the deadline. After January 31, do not edit.

    Lyunee has offered to help contestants with cleaning.

    Questions may be posted in this thread.

    General Rules for Zodiac Competitions

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    I offered to clean for your spoof and I will do so with pleasure so don't fear to ask (and if you need a bit of typeset I may try my hand at it, even though I can not promise a good job)

    To do that, very simple:

    • You pm me (try to have "zodiac contest" in the title please)with :
      the pages you want to use (either the direct links or the number, specify if it's the online reader number or the downloaded one) in the order you want them.
      If you want only a certain panel from one page specify which one (like number 1 and 4, or describe one if you think it may be misunderstood)
      You can also specify the format you would like to have them ^^ (pdf, jpg ...)
      one warning: if I am short on time, I may not clean the sfx (the sounds thing), but I will try and do my utmost best ^^
    • I will clean the pages and send you a pm with a download link.
    • Check that's what you wanted and confirmed you got it (or post it here so I will see it's all ok ^^)

    You don't know how to put the text in the bubble :

    • Say so in your fist pm (when you tell me which pages you will be using^^)
    • My message back will have links to the panels with numbered bubbles
    • Pm me the text you want to see in each bubble (with the right number). If you want it coloured or something, that's the moment to say it!
    • I pm you a download link.
    • Checks everything and post here (or pm me if something is not like you want)
    • Warning: I am not a typesetter, so don't expect awesome fonts - unless you know which one you want, then specify it)

    So guys, re-read Noblesse and enjoy making a spoof :D
    Late, as always

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    You lyunee are part of this as well (and advice me, ok not me, to Re-Read Noblesse, you know I will end up stick to the pc for hours and hours)
    I will try this one...

    Uploaded with
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    Do you lo
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    Simply, JOIN USBe an Spamerian.

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    Lol, doing some rereading anyways, tempting....

    Now where's my think cap?

    Hmm, I think you should go ask the official typesetter for the fonts and specifications. It would be nice if you let us know too, once you figured it out
    Design, encode, write.

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