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Thread: Lark - Is he Human or Vampire?

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    Re: Lark - Is he Human or Vampire?

    I believe that maybe he is a mix between the two, and that the human side has been more predominant, but eventually we will see his vampire powers

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    Re: Lark - Is he Human or Vampire?

    what is he.... ummmm.... i tink he's a mix... Why? Becuz Angela smelled saw that he was human but had magic ... That's why i think hes a mix

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    Re: Lark - Is he Human or Vampire?

    I say:

    The father of Setz has a brother. Then that brother was banished because he fell in love and mated with a Human. The woman knew the true identity of Lark's father, but she loved him so much that it didn't matter.

    The 2 of them, banished, lived in the Human world. Sadly, the folks of the village found out and they were killed.

    It's either the folks spared Lark's life 'cause he was just a baby or Lark's mom and dad hid him.

    Just a guess. If that's the story... Man, that's so predictable.

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    I think that he is super vampire + human mix. XD

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    Lark is def a mix... He has red eyes... eventhou his red eyes are different then d other ones... i think he must have pure blood in him lol

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    I also think he is a mix so maybe he has to drink some vampire blood to awaken his powers. But there is always the possibility that he is in fact human or maybe a vampire who was stripped of his powers and was exiled in the human world.
    Anyway lets just wait and see.

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    I think he is going to be a mix of something probably something new like angel or demon and that part of him is currently asleep awaiting be be awoken sort of thing well hope is anyway lol.

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    I voted he is mixed there is no way he is fully human but he as to be part human I dont think Angela would be wrong.


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    i think he's a vampire... there's a possibility that his vampiric side was completely sealed that's why he seemed to be human.. (just a speculation)



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    He has red eyes. He can't be human.

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