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Thread: January 2013 [tragic]; "Real Desires"

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    Thank You! Seems like 4 chairs are gonna be empty for forever after 2-3 weeks. Elders are really unlucky :-) they don't even get a proper burial
    I thought I had crossed the limits so I didn't included many scenes ~_~ Next time, if I get a chance, I would add all my ideas! Thanks once again!

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    This actually made tears(of laughter) fall from my eyes. Poor Roctis. I agree with him completely- he's a complex character who needs more backstory... Zarga is just some random traitor who's going to get killed in the next chapter anyway (since Rai's entered Lucifer Form).

    "You get no role other than moving with me 24/7" GENIUS.

    "Naturally I should get my own arc." I agree completely, Roctis.

    And the clincher:

    "Weren't you feeling guilt about the humans who were going to die?!"

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