Romance can be in background and not always the main focus of the story.
It is great if you can add bits of comedy to a story.
Dark humor is good though to be used carefully imo.

Oh I used to read a lot of books :p
I spared a lot of my time at the public library.
I remember a few titles that had enchanted my childhood and teenage years :D

Oh I think writing is not a one way interpretation.
There are lot of stories yet not written that wait for a writer to write them.
ahah sounds like Nanowrimo ^^
I wonder if I will participate I have school that matters to pass in second year -_-
Yes I know it's great to feel proud of the story you're writing :D

I will wait
Time is good for writing ;)

I learned the lesson I should say No need to rush or you end up messing your story
*coughs* Now I'm less angry at myself than eager to find a way to battle my personal writer's block oh well time will tell *coughs*

Research is useful and sometimes necessary especially when you work on an historical story.
Though it being fictional you should refer to real facts of the period you chose to write about ^^
The Middle Age is a very interesting subject of study when applied to the history of law :)