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    Two souls, a intertwined fate and an unanswered question

    rather dark in parts and suggested rape (that actually doesn't happen in my story or the cannon, it's just a plot point. ^^;)

    Ahem rough draft and shall remain rough unfortunately since I wasn't able to finish proofreading and post it in time, oops. Oh well it's mostly complete.

    Since I'm mainly a poetry and short story writer under 1000 words normally without any need for plot this was rather challenging to me but I'm glad I managed to complete the story at least. ^__^

    Thank you to everyone who supported me and a huge Thank You!!!!! to Wild Thing who is the only reason I didn't throw in the towel and call it quits when I was really struggling with the plot.
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    Very rough copy just in case I don't get a chance to go over the story and do the final touch ups before the deadline because of other commitments but hopefully I'll get a chance to go over it before then. ^^;
    Once long ago she'd dreamed of chivalrous knights in shining armour as her mother wove tales around her but that time was long since passed and the beautiful fantasies had long since faded as her whole world fell into chaos around her now everything was darkness.

    Small booted feet pounding over the cobble stones, fear giving them wings in the dead of night

    Darkness, something she was now achingly familiar with, something she knew better far better than most people had a right to for that was when her nightmares came to life, oh they were always there, always waiting, always watching but it was in the dark that they revealed their true form, the giant slobbering beasts that they truly were.

    A hunched figure lurking in the darkness it's footsteps slow but purposeful, lips speckled white with foam

    Currently they looked human, parading around in the skins of their prey fooling the townspeople with their bright and friendly smiles, their masks perfect, their acting effortless no one else saw the dripping fangs behind their every present smiles, except her.

    the darkness pressed in on her like a living thing threatening to swallow her whole

    She'd seen those fangs, seen them tear into human flesh with terrifying ease and heard the dying screams of their victims countless times now, a never ending round of horror that continued endlessly while all thoughts of before had vanished. A coping mechanism perhaps, it mattered not to her, all she knew was that her life was full of pain and suffering, if not the pain of their victims it would be her pain, her flesh that would be sliced into ribbons, her blood that splattered and pooled on the ground, a dark glistening red.

    the sound of blood as it dripped from the hasty bandage around an arm stump, staining the ground

    Days, months, years, how long this continued she didn't know as time ceased to matter in her dark world of never ending pain and horror yet time passed, the world turned, and the monsters travelled far and wide in search for more prey, dragging her with them as her feet ached and legs trembled in her desperate effort to match their fast pace, wary of any wayward hand that could lash out and transform into claws in an instant if they felt her pace to slow.

    The flash of metal as it hung from one hand ready to strike

    They town they were currently in was new yet old at the same time, the same paved streets and brick houses as people bustled about chatting happily to each other as they went about their business with no idea of the monsters that had just entered their midst while children ran to and fro in the street laughing among themselves.

    Glittering eyes, that glowed in the darkness full of malice and a deadly promise of never-ending pain

    Soon she knew the children would disappear, kept at home under the watchful eyes of worried parents and people would cease to chat but instead go about their business quickly and efficiently before hurrying back to the supposed safety of their homes as the death toll grew and the feeling of impending doom began to rise while she watched on silently.

    houses blazing like gigantic torches in the otherwise pitch black night

    Once she had tried to warn them and the resulting horror of an entire town massacred in a single night had left her silent as the last scraps of will to speak left her. What did it matter if she told them who the culprits were, if they would only die more quickly in the monsters attempts to silence them.

    the monsters were gone but still the danger lingered growing greater than ever before

    What was the point in talking anymore with only the monsters left to hear, even screaming was useless for it did nothing to stop the horror around her so instead she watched silently wishing, longing for it to end.

    Screaming pleads rang out in the night from every direction all begging for help that would never come

    Until that day, the day the darkness lifted so suddenly the child was left reeling in its wake, the day she came.

    She'd entered the child's life so casually, so calmly as if her entrance was perfectly natural just a simple everyday occurrence, a vision of pure white, her light armour gleaming, and her hair flowing around her like pure sunlight. She seemed little more than a hallucination than an actual being at first as her light pieced the darkness yet for all her radiance there was darkness within her, her eyes screamed of pain and loss, an eternity of suffering and despair hidden behind a faint smile.

    Eyes that saw through bright friendly smiles to the monsters within, eyes that looked so hauntingly familiar even as mocking words fell from her lips, even as she moved with such speeds that she appeared to have simply teleported rather moved, even as the monsters fell to the ground with a casual swing of her sword, her eyes never changed and the child stood transfixed, spellbound by those eyes. The eyes of someone who didn't belong, the eyes that screamed of silent pain and despair, her eyes, their eyes.

    Eyes that had compelled the child to follow till her feet went numb, her short legs stretched to their full potential as she struggled to keep up with the knight's long purposeful strides as they left town and entered the wild and dangerous wilderness beyond while trying to hide her presence from the knight's watchful gaze. Until the moment she rounded the next bend and leaned against a tree breathless with relief as she saw the knight settled down beside a raging fire. Only to freeze, her blood turning to ice as the knight vanished in the next instant.

    Whoosh, a gentle breeze and the sudden appearance of the knight's enormous sword hovering just above her shoulder was the only indication of just where the knight had gone and the child stood frozen and unflinching as the knight's words of warning washed over her. The underlying threat of what would happen should she continue to follow the knight unmistakable and a heavy silence filled the air as the child stook as if turned to stone only to suddenly be flung to the side the knight's arms wrapped around her protectively.

    Dark figures leapt from the darkness missing them by millimetres and the knight spun around to face them lashing out unthinkingly as a large hand appeared out of the darkness to grab the child's shoulder her sword passing through blood, sinew and bone with breathtaking ease, a warning bordering on a snarl flying from her lips in fury as she pulled the child back behind her protectively. Only to freeze as she finally gets a good look at their attackers and their human forms startled.

    What happened next was little more than a blur to the child as she watched from behind the knight's protective stance. The anguish cries of the shadowy figure that now clutched the bleeding stump of one arm and the arrogant voice of another figure that strode into the small clearing they all seemed to have all found themself. Then the harsh laughter of the knight in reply, the tearing of fabric and the disgust on the shadowy figures faces before they slipped away.

    A shadow that lingered longer than the rest, blood dripping down around a hastily applied wad of cloth

    The memory was shadowy and unclear in the child's mind yet the it haunted her regardless even as the memory faded like so many other memories of blood and horror washed away by exhaustion as she found herself continually jerking awake, her body swayed dangerously as her legs threatening to collapse beneath her. It was daylight now the shadows long gone and the child continued to trail after the knight with single-minded determination.

    Suddenly the knight turned abruptly, leaped down the edge of steep cliff path down to the gully below in evident frustration obviously intending to leave the child behind. Startled at the abrupt turn of events the child froze for an instant before attempting to follow. The knight's horrified eyes the last thing the she saw as she slipped on the loose dirt and fell. Her small fragile body bouncing down the cliff despite her desperate hands clutching at the small plants and roots on the way down until she collapsed in a heap in the gully below and struggled to get up only to collapse as her world faded to black.

    The cool sensation of water awoke the child from the darkness as it entered her lungs and she jerked upright coughing and spluttering. The knight's voice reaching her ears, the biting sarcasm back in full force yet not quite able to hide the underlying concern as she ordered the child to drink and wash away the blood that still clung to her small battered and scared body then passed over an enormous fruit as large as the child's head which made the her drool and dig in with wild abandon only to stop abruptly and offer the rest to the now silent and watchful knight who refused immediately.

    The first night they'd spend together around a roaring fire the child refused to rest. Her tiny body shaking and bordering on collapse as her eyes never left the knight as if to terrified to even blink for fear of the knight disappearing as quickly as she'd appeared into her life. Harsh words that ordered her to rest and yet reassured her of the knights continual presence in the morning did little to persuade her at first but eventually after a promise not to leave while she was asleep eventually calmed her enough to let her close her eyes and slip into a deep slumber unmoving despite the various phantom memories that threatened to invade her dreams only to wake up to a cold fire place.

    darkness so much darkness consuming the night

    The overwhelming loneliness, despair and angst overwhelmed her as she stood miserably in place simply gazing at the fireplace dumbly. All traces of the knight having existed had vanished and the darkness once held at bay by the brilliance of the knight threaten to consume her as her small form began to shake violently. Click! The sound of metal against metal of the knight's shoes rang out and the child spun in place. There walking calmly towards her was the knight, hair shimmering and glowing the same familiar light the child had begun to associate her with that chased away the shadows and darkness and she flung herself at the knight.

    the darkness faded retreating with gathering speed in the presence of the light

    Startled the knight gazed helplessly at the child that clung to the her tightly, body wracked with heart wrenching sobs as she gestured to the freshly caught rabbits which did little to dissipate the child's sobs as she stood there uncertainly gazing at the child in utter bewilderment.

    Something had changed. Gradually at first but with gathering speed like the ripples of a small stone in a still pond, spreading, spreading......

    While the child continued to stumble along as the knight strode purposefully seemly unmoved as before except now quick blurs of movement sometimes appeared, her deadly speed once used to fell monsters with breathtaking ease now used for the mundane purpose of ensnaring countless small prey and various fruits which always seemed to make their way into the child's hands should ever the pangs of hunger threaten to emerge and if the knight's brisk pace seemed slightly slower than before the child was hardly in any position to notice in her haze of weary exhaustion.

    Yet in time all good things must come to an end and the time was fast approaching.

    Strange yet hauntingly familiar sounds woke the child from her slumber that night. A low male voice with an insane edge, broken grating laughter and her knight nowhere in sight her sword lying neglectfully beside the fireplace. This more than anything worried the child, grabbing a small log she rushed in the direction of the voice, the knight never went anywhere without her sword, if the monsters were back....

    That night, the night everything changed, two souls that strove to protect each other no matter the cost

    No not a monster but a monster all the same that tore at her knight with wild abandon while the knight lay prone on the forest floor. Raising the small log the child brought it down with all her might cracking it on top of his head. With a cry of rage the figure spun around blood dripping down his face as he kicked the child to the ground eyes alight with feverish anger and hate, a festering arm stump waving through the air as his kicked the child continually as she cried in pain. Shhhhhinng! The figure froze as the knight held his sword to his throat then laughed crazily. "And what are you going to do? Your kind can't kill us or you'll be hunted down and killed by your own kind for breaking your sacred law." Only for the knight to glare coldly her next words more than enough to make ones blood run cold as the security blanket of being protected by such flimsy things as rules from her wrath were torn to shreds and the glittering blade in her hand never moved from the shadow's neck until it slunk away back into the darkness from which it'd come.

    a line that should never be crossed no longer seemed to matter as long she was safe

    frantic footsteps on the cobblestones as the shadowy figure drew ever closer heart-wrenching screams for help in the night as the buildings burned and lit up the moonless night. Monsters that weren't monsters ran rampart in the streets as the houses burned and countless voices screamed and begged for help. Her sword whipping through the air cutting the shadowy figures down where they stood frozen in shock. "b...but... the rules!" but rules no longer mattered and the Knight was no longer a knight but a Protector that gathered the child in her arms protectively calling her name frantically as blood stained the cobblestones and bodies lay strewn around them.

    the desire to protect, the desire to destroy their battle short lived but the consciences endless
    the beginning of the end, an unforgivable action conducted out of the desperate desire to protect

    A sharp keen of pain jolted her out of her reverie and back to reality. For a second she was dazed slightly uncertain of where she was till her eyes fell onto her protector surrounded by those that looked similar but weren't the same their eyes burning with a far different fire, a yellow hungry fire just like the one she'd used to see in the monsters eyes.

    She and her protector had been together for awhile now they'd travelled and endured many dangers and the shared pain in their eyes while ever present no longer consumed them as it had before as they shared each other's pain and suffering, silently comforting and supporting each other born form an unspoken kinship they'd found in each other eyes.

    but now they're time of light-hearted joy brought from simply being in each other's presence was coming to an end as those her protector had once worked for personally sought her destruction and she watched on with terrified as she screamed, pleading and threats in equal measure falling from her lips in her desperation to stop them, to stall them if even only for a second, anything! As long as her protector was okay it didn't matter what she had to do to accomplish it and she struggled wildly to escape the grasp of the man who held her back from trying to interfere with this mockery of an execution.

    Her protector a gallant figure silhouetted by sunlight, her golden hair cascaded down her shoulders as she stood tall and strong while the others surrounded her their weapons poised and gleaming threateningly in the sunlight, a menacing gleam in their eyes as they waited muscles coiled ready to spring, waiting for an opening for their chance to lay the final blow.

    her feet pounded over the cobblestones as she practically flew through the forest but not fast enough her heart screamed, she was already too late, too late....... and the darkness consumed her as the last rays of light faded with the blood red of the setting sun.

    Disclaimer: read after! and if you give yourself a few minutes to reflect after reading before looking at it you'll probably get a better effect since it's a spoiler. ^^
    Very loosely based off Claymore which I naturally don't own. I just like messing with the deeply emotional characters. XD and it's about as close to knightly as I normally go so.......
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    Story writing info:
    Okay the first section of this I breezed though then discovered I wouldn't be able to get enough words unless I continued using the cannon storyline which for those who've read the cannon will know it is insanely complex, long and chockers with challenges for someone who writes primarily emotional scenes and nothing else when it comes to short stories.

    Challenges: more for personal notes but if your interested.....
    My first time using two primary characters let alone two deeply emotional ones
    Character development of sorts I can't write that stuff if my life depended on it.
    Pronouns! Using third person perspective writing with two female characters had me struggling to figure out a way to differentiate the two even trialing first person of all things! ahem not my best writing style. ^^;
    Plot! This one was a killer since I don't write write anything with plot preferring to just write the emotional scenes in a story and forget about the plot unfortunately this needed to be longer and plot was needed which had me wracking me brains for days on end since I just couldn't figured out a way to get where I needed to for the cliffhanger. Which is ultimately why I finished so late. ^^;
    A to Z. I almost, no make that never, write in a straight line so one of the main issues with the plot was trying to write all the middle of the story that was necessary to make the cliffhanger work which I generally won't touch with a ten foot pole because I'd just skip right to the emotional part and write about that. Long story short if it's emotional I'll write it if not..... <will be the most likely outcome. ^^;

    Overall considering this took me so far out of my comfort zone it wasn't even funny I'm glad I was able to write a passable story even if I didn't manage to add all the extra little bits before the deadline.
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    I like impressionism in writing. The first 1/3 of your story I was constantly feeling chills, waiting all the time for something to happen. Though I can't say that I felt the end as a cliffhanger completely, it is so naturally integrated in this piece that it looks whole.

    Good luck with the contest :)
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    So many feels in the way you're describing the friendship between the characters, I really like your writing style,
    You have achieved a great outstanding story, good luck for the contest!

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    Sheri Hmm yes I get what you mean about the cliffhanger even if it technically is one because you don't know what happens next ^^; it still flows and rounds up the story rather nicely. Hmm maybe I should have left the last bit off for the contest? Oh well too late now, *shrug* still cliff-hangers like that are my general writing style so I guess it's no surprise that my story finished off like that rather than cutting off abruptly. ^^

    Yes the first bit was the best in my opinion, since it flowed nicely, I'm rather happy with that bit. ^^ and I'm glad it enthralled you enough to give you the chills.

    Seira I was rather worried about how I portrayed the friendship between characters since I don't have much experience in that area so thank you!

    Thank you both so much for reading, commenting and your feedback on my writing style!
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