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    read it. He will return I can send you them in English.

    And creatures... Aaaaaah! I loved them. I was totally addicted to the Ancient Egypt and everything connected to it, so such mythology interpretation was amazing to read. I loved the way he turned the gods away from their usual images. And did you read about Delvish? And his short stories? And "Night in Lonesome October"?

    And sadly, no. The only flat world I know is by Terry Pratchett.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madimb View Post
    Ha ha, it's indeed a good book, if you like fantasy/SF with a bit of [mythological] meaning and poetry (it was kinda the author's forte) ^^. By the way, the French title is Le Maître des ombres ...
    Bonne lecture ♥ ! ~
    Fufu it's actually exactly my type of books~ I will look forward to read it <3
    I write (and like writing^^) both historical and sc-fi/fantasy novels :)
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    Wow !! Good luck !!!

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